As many of you have read, Google is closing its Google+ social platform on
April 2, 2019. Our Google+ community, Wealthy Affiliate Life, has grown to over 500 members in less than a year. That's quite an achievement considering all of our members must also be Wealthy Affiliate members.

We have exchanged a lot of useful information and training during this period. I believe many of you have benefitted from this community.

I also think we provide a valuable service to the Wealthy Affiliate membership. All of our information is free of charge and we do not allow affiliate links in our posts. I rarely read the member's posts on the Wealthy Affiliate site due to the overly social nature of the post or the ubiquitous affiliate link contained in many posts.

I don't want to see the Wealthy Affiliate Life community come to an end. I want to create another location where we can continue our good work. The question is, what type of site should I create.

I could make a private Facebook page. We would be subject to the FB rules and governance similar to Google+. I could make a conventional membership site with both free and paid levels, or we could create a Forum-type site with specific categories of interest, or something else.

I am looking for ideas/suggestions which will benefit every member of our community. Let me know what you think either through a post or private message. My personal email address is

Together, we can continue our service to the entrepreneurs who want freedom from the toil and drudgery of the daily grind. We need your help. Please make your voice heard.

Anyone interested in Dropshipping?

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When it rains, it pours. Another email from another mentor, Jon Morrow, provides a link to a review of The 9 Best Affiliate Networks for Earning Passive Income in 2019. Maybe you can get some ideas for your business.

Here is the link:

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As many of you know, Pat Flynn is one of my mentors. He is always providing useful affiliate marketing information for free. Today, I received an email with two free items available. One is for the Kindle version of his book, "Will It Fly" and the other is for an e-book he just published " Pat Flynn's Epic Guide to Affiliate Marketing." Both are free with no obligation.

I think everyone will find something of interest in these resources.

Here are the links:

Will It Fly:

Pat Flynn's Epic Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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Starting a business from scratch doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, but it does take planning and work. Here are the first and most important 9 steps to take when your are starting a company from scratch.#partnerships #business #businessplanning #marketing #motivation #startups #entrepreneurship #money #productivity #worklifebalance #onlinemarketing

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Having a good blog is only half the battle. Knowing how to market it so that it reaches your target audience your target audience is the difference between an online diary and a money making business! #blogging #affiliatemarketing #workingfromhome #socialmedia #marketing #entrepreneur

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When it comes to building an affiliate marketing blog, the key is to keep it simple. Start with the basics, create great content, and do your research well in advance, stick with it and you could have a very lucrative business!!

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Are you using video marketing to grow your business? If not, you’re in serious trouble. Video marketing is the hot ticket to success now.

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Heading off to work when you’re on your own is one thing, but balancing work life when there are kids in the picture can be a lot more challenging
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