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Good info for those who work with astrology.
I have some info about the solar eclipse Feb 26 2017 6:58 am PST 8 degrees Pisces.

The karmic Nodes are a big part of this. I's a finalization of the nodal Pisces/Virgo phase we've all been under.

The Nodes of fate have been on the Pisces Virgo axis for the last two years. We've been getting opportunities to become more healthy, practical & logical when it comes to our faith, illusions, beliefs, reality, health, old unconscious habits, etc, etc, becoming aware of our addictions, and blind spots which can be on any level. A pull to better our self has been the theme.

The South Node in Pisces is indication that your Pisces area of your life has not been fulfilling you this last couple years. It takes more than it gives.The universe isn't allowing what it offered in the past - all those escape routes.

Virgo North Node is opportunities to clean up your life and get organized, letting go of your illusions, addictions and all the energy you've absorbed over the years from others. You didn't realize it wasn't yours, but it's just energetic baggage from other people.

Those blind spots have been covering up the true gift that Pisces offers. You've had a chance to become aware of this, let's hope you've been letting go because this Pisces eclipse will first ,blindfold you, drug you up then forcefully remove you from the past. It's bringing you and your imagination up to date with a fresh start. It can be by force, or you can just let go and flow. Either way a new beginning is on the way for your Pisces side.

This NM solar eclipse in Pisces will be bringing an end to the South Node in Pisces phase over the next few months. This event is planting super charged karmic seeds that will grow into a new healthy way in which you navigate your Pisces side and area of life. This includes your creativity, imagination, faith and spirituality. This summer Pisces will finally be off the hook, things haven't been easy. But first, it's eclipse time; the lights go out, the program gets erased, disruptions take place.

This karma Node line has been square Sagittarius & Gemini, so you' haven't been in the easy times either, along with those areas of your life. It's been very fated for a couple years, cross-roads, decisions and situations with long lasting results.

So Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, this eclipse will be very powerful energy for you with fated results, especially if you have 0-11 degrees. Everyone will feel it on some level though.

If you have personal planets at 11 degrees in those signs, then you need to ground yourself. You are wearing rose colored glasses, not seeing a situation for what it really is, or you are totally lost in escapism.

The energy really starts to change with Pisces season here-- intuition, dreams, supernatural, psychic type activity increases, along with drug activity, music, imagination and creativity. Of course, spirituality and humanitarian energy always gets a big boost this time of year too.

In other news, Venus goes retrograde, relationship rules get thrown out. There is a reevaluation to what you want; love, desires & values, all go thru process, including an important relationship situation that will go thru a 3 part process next few months.

Venus Rx is a time to become more self reliant, not depending on others to give you what you want. This lesson will help people gain more self respect and confidence to go out and get what they want. More self love and personal freedom is in order. There's also more freedom to love what and whom you want in this phase. There is a backing away from anyone trying to hold on too tight. Past relationships can come to light. But a pull to explore personal desires that might not be in alignment with other people in your life is possible, so relationships become unstable for the next few months. You might need some time to figure it out.

If you plan on buying something big or some kind of pleasurable situation is in the works next month, there will be a delay, 3 part process that takes longer than usual. It doesn't mean it's not meant to happen, it's just a process, so it's best to trust the timing and natural flow of events. If you don't have to do this situation, it's probably best to wait it out before you buy or commit.

Mars is square Pluto aligning with Uranus and opp Jupiter. This is aggressive energy that needs to be kept under control. It will likely lead to some kind of confrontation in your life, or at least on the world stage after Feb 22 thru the eclipse and into March. Violence is very possible. At the very least, a lot of physical activity around then.

On the world stage this Pisces eclipse could bring water type natural disasters, or any earth event for that matter, especially under the path of the eclipse which is South America and South Africa. It's likely to happen there next couple months but also for the entire world, in general will have some disruptions to routine with this eclipse, mother earth related.

Military conflicts could also be result of this, especially with the navy. Also a social event that gets violent. Because this eclipse is South Node and conjunct Neptune, I have to be suspicious of any event that happens on a world stage as it's not what it appears to be. There could be someone pulling on the strings behind the scenes. ..careful what you believe. Don't say i didn't warn you.

Well, that's all i got for now. Happy eclipse.


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Blessings for the add 🍀 im linz from the UK 🌛🌝🌜 

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Goddess Gayatri

Attributes: Embodiment of Gāyatrī Mantra, Goddess of wealth, education and Mother of Vedas
Symbol: Gāyatrī Mantra (ॐभूर्भुवस्व)
Place: India

#Gayatri #Mantra #Goddess #Pagan #Wicca #Wiccan #Hinduism #Power #Healing

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Pretty much!

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Some candle reading tips from Avi of Hoodoo Delish:


Candle Zones

To do candle reading one of the first things we have to understand is the different zones of the candle. The zones are the areas where wax formations will occur. The zone that a wax formation is found in will change the meaning of that particular formation.

There are four general zones that govern the past, the future, as well as the physical and nonphysical worlds.

How To Find The Zones

To begin reading our candle we first have to define where the zones are and what they mean.

To do this, place a candle at the center of your plate or work surface. The candle is now your center-point for the work. When you stand directly in front of your candle and look at it head on and this is the area that we referred to as the front.

When you look at the candle from directly above the zones are divided as follows; from the center of the candle to the left, from the center of the candle to the right, from the center of the candle going directly up or away from the front of the work, and from the center of the candle going down towards the front work.

If you have a work using multiple candles each candle will have its own separate zones. In advanced candle reading we can take into account the overall zones of the entire work, but for now don't worry about that.

The Four General Zones

Each of the four general zones specifically deals with different areas of reality and how your candle work is affecting them.

The zones to the left and right of the candle deal with time. The candle itself represents this exact present moment. It can also represent the space of time covered by the work itself. It is also important to remember that the candle itself represents the present and the farther a flow of wax goes from the candle the farther it is reaching into any one given direction of time. (More on this below.)

Everything to the left of the candle is the zone of the past. This deals with things that have either already occurred or are still occurring but began before the work itself started.

Everything to the right of the candle represents the future. This handled anything that is starting shortly or has not yet begun. It can also cover things that will begin sometime between the beginning and the end of the work itself.

The centerline from top to bottom that aligns perfectly with the candle also represents the present even though it passes through the zones dealing with the physical and non-physical worlds.

This brings us to the other two general zones. Everything above the candle, or going away from the front of the candle toward the back, deals with the non-physical world.

This covers spirituality, emotions, mind, the realm of dreams, and the realm of the dead. It also deals with anything that is electronic or nonphysical in a digital sense; email, text messages, digital photos, digital money, computer code, and all things that exist purely in a digital reality.

The zone below the candle, or anything from the candle moving towards the front of the work, is the zone that deals with the physical and material realm.

This covers money, sex, the physical body, matters of health, physical objects, property, housing, food and drink, and basically anything that can be experienced in a purely physical way.

The straight-line flows in between these two zones represents the balance point where the nonphysical in the physical meet. Most wax formations that occur a right on that line will have both a physical and spiritual/digital component to them.

The Diagonals

One more important point about the zones is that there are four diagonals existing inside of the previously mentioned four general zones. These diagonals are left/above, left/below, right/above, right/below.

The diagonal zone of left/above is the area that is to the left and also above the centerpoint of the candle.

This deals specifically with things in the non-physical world that have occurred in the past. Past spiritual influences, departed ancestors, past emotional or mental trauma, and passed communication or connection through digital means will show up in this area.

The diagonal zone of left/below is to the left and front of the candle, and deals with that which is from the past but specifically physical or material.

Things pertaining to past business dealings, past sexual relationships, past health issues, and events in the past that affect the physical body, housing, property rights, inheritance, or other material matters will be found here.

The right/above diagonal zone is to the right and back of the candle.

This area focuses on non-physical things which have not yet occurred. This is where you will look for future emotions, predicted crossings over, future digital transactions, and future mental or spiritual transformations.

Lastly, the right/below zone occurs to the right and front of the candle.

This is zone deals exclusively with physical things that have not come into being at this time. Future relationships of a physical nature, future property, money that has not yet come into your life, future changes in the physical body, and as yet unseen business or financial opportunities.

Overall Distance From The Candle

The last thing to take into consideration when looking at the zones of your candle work is the overall distance that any one wax formation is from your actual center-point, which is your candle.

The most efficient way to measure this is to put the candle in the center of a defined area such as a plate.

The candle represents the present moment. Edge of the plate represents the boundaries of the current targets lifetime. (The far left side of the plate will be birth; the far right side of the plate will be final crossing over.) The farther you go away from the candle in any direction on the plate, the farther out in time you are going.

If you are headed into generally left direction from the candle then you are going into the past. If you are headed into generally right direction then you are going into the future.

Although this is not the most efficient thing to look at to determine where something that shows up in your candle work has occurred or will occur, it is important to know this system of measuring time as you will occasionally have wax formations that don't line up very well with the crosshatch system of the zones described above.
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