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IQ Logic Blocks / 3-D Puzzle blocks for stimulating spatial intelligence in Toddlers & Pre-schoolers/ Kindergarteners


I am always on the look out for fantastic educational toys:) I'm glad to share with you this latest find that is called "Combi Cubes" by Virgo toys which are basically 3 -D IQ Puzzle blocks. It consists of 32 plastic blocks and the child has to pick two specific blocks to make it into a's not a cube as mentioned on the product...which is ok.

These help in hand/ eye co-ordination & fine motor skills in younger kids and help boost spatial intelligence & logical-mathematical intelligence in a great way. I recommend these for little advanced 2-2.5 yrs old up to 5 yrs old kids who can easily be engrossed with these.

These will work well if you follow Montessori method. These will be great to your visual-Spatial learner!

We loved these blocks! I hope you like them too:))

Thanks & Have a great Day!!

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Introduction to counting frames: Toddler/ Preschooler Math Activity (Number Sense)


After finger counting, tally marks & ordinal numbers, I thought of introducing Moksh to Counting frames. Understanding the concept of counting frames and learning to count with them in order to develop number sense is the aim of this activity.

I created, printed, laminated, cut the counting frames cards upto ten and used numeral cards from our finger counting activity to present to Moksh. All Moksh did was to match the numeral cards with its corresponding counting frame card.

Simple & easy yet so effective!

If you like this activity, pls share, subscribe:)

Thanks & have a great day!!

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Everyday, we like having Math activities for our learning at home. Today's activity helps learn ordinal numbers. Initially I wanted this activity to be just like Montessori Inspired Cards and Counters activity. I added smaller button manipulative that can be good for pencil grip & fine motor development. To make it a bit more challenging, I printed out instruction card to go with this activity.

It had instructions like...
One orange button is first.
2 Yellow buttons are second.
3 pink buttons are third.
And So on...

This worked well! It involved reading practice, following instructions and a very effective ordinal numbers learning and understanding its meaning!

We loved it:)) If you like it, pls share!

Thanks n have a great day!!

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We have counting activity as a part of our daily schedule.

Currently, we are mastering to count with fingers. In the beginning, I used these cards to reinforce our learning with finger counting. These are Montessori inspired matching cards. We do have a couple of more activities to help us enhance our finger counting skills that I will soon share with you. Apart from verbal additions and subtractions, is there any other activity to help us more in this regard? Pls feel free to suggest, as that can help us:))
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