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Hi guys :)

I’m in my final year at Brookes studying ‘business and management.’ Can’t really say that I’ve figured out where I want to be after I graduate… I do know that I want to travel and see how amazing the world is!

I’m from Geneva in Switzerland and moved to the UK to study 5 years ago. l love living in the , the Brits are fairly nutty all the time, meaning that you’re never bored.

I’m not part of a gym but have been going to boxing classes for nearly 2 years, which sustains my ability to eat lots of food.. :)

I worked in a hotel in London during my second year of uni which was an eye opening and amazing experience.. although one I wouldn’t especially recommend if you want to enjoy life outside of work…

I have a brother and three sisters and my family in Switzerland have two dogs… We’re all pretty loud when we’re back for the holidays which drives my parents insane (always a bonus)..

Looking forward to visiting Dijon and spending some time in a different university environment and drinking some really nice French red wine…


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Hi everyone,

As you can see, i really like horses but I also have other passions.
First of all, i played drums for 10 years, I am also an actif member in the school's radio Iradi'esc.
Moreover, i am studying at Burgundy School of Business in Marketing and Business.

In the future, I would like to work in the Communication or the Marketing, that's why with my friend Aurelien Lemesle, we created a web series named ClicHé in which we spend a lot of time. We also have a communication agency (started 5 months ago) in which we deal with few customers already.

I hope you like to ride horses as well and that we will be able to work hard together.


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Hello guys,

This is a picture of me in a Burger king in London, I was there to go in a “boiler room” party

I’m actually in my last year of Bachelor program at the Burgundy School of Business. I love techno music and travel to discover other culture.I had the opportunity to traveled around Europe last summer and I will discover South America next year.

I’m not working while studying but during my free time I work in an association which promote and create some electronic music events in Dijon. I worked in a dutch company in Breda , and now I look to find my internship for april. I’m also getting my private pilot license.
As Robbie I look to have a job for 3-5 years to build my professional experience and after that create my own company.

I hope we will have fun :)


Yo everyone!
I think you can guess on my picture that I love scooter riding! I ride since 10years now and I practice with my camera man and also good friend Arthur Meunier (author of the picture).
I also play drum for 10 years too and I'm too actif in the school's radio Iradi'ESC in the Burgundy School of Business!
I have created with Arthur a web channel of sketch named ClicHé and a communication agency named Frimouss!
I love music, skate culture, skiing, movies and pickle

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Hi :-)
As you can tell from the photo, I love being outdoors and adventurous. This is from one of many skiing trips up in the mountains of Norway (I am from Norway by the way).

I am in my last year of university studying International Business Management. I decided to study in the UK because I am unsure of what I want to do in the future and wanted a good degree I could use in various types of jobs. I also wanted a change and to get out of my comfort zone, which has been a very good experience and I have learned a lot from moving abroad. I am currently not working while studying, but will be doing some work experience over christmas, first in a real estate firm in the UK, and then as part of a management team of a restaurant business in Norway.


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A picture of me on the beach in Playa de Las Canteras. This is exactly how I picture the trip to Dijon is going to be....

I aim to go back to playing rugby as soon as I finish Oxford Brookes. I am currently a member of a gym attempting the healthy lifestyle as seen below. I have a keen interest In water sports including; white water kayaking, sailing, body-boarding, windsurfing etc. I like cooking a lot and enjoy the choice of drinks that come with it.

I am currently in my final year studying business management looking to increase my theoretical side of business, as well as increase my personal skills and attributes that come with the course.

Previously I have worked for a IT Recruitment company at Next Ventures with the opportunity to go back. It helped me have a clearer understanding of my future careerpath. After 3-5 years experience I will be looking to set up my own business exploring my entrepreneurial side.


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Hi guys,
The photo is of me at the Trevi fountain in Rome, one of 2 visits that day, the later with a bottle of wine.

I am studying International Business Management and I wish to work in another country apart from the UK, to satiate my need for travel. I hope to work in marketing/brand management, for a company like Red Bull.

I currently work as a Sales and Marketing Manager in a nightclub in Reading and have worked in various capacities such as: bar manager, camp leader, bank adviser, on building sites and hostels. These jobs have been in a multitude of different countries and cities. From Argentina to Italy, through my travels I have realised that I have the capacity to learn languages. This came as a shock to me and I struggle with English at the best of times. I can speak Spanish and a decent level of Portuguese (Brazilian)

I have played rugby at a decent level and have a plastic ankle for my efforts. I was also getting ready for South East England's strongest man last year, until I turned to veganism, needless to say this is no longer an attainable goal. I am however, doing a lot of reading around vegan nutrition and training and hope to change common perceptions of vegans.

One cool thing that happened to me, was while I was in Ecuador. I had just cycled to the top of a mountain/hill and swung off the edge from the casa del arbol (tree house). Upon cycling back down, I felt the ground shake. I turned around and saw the volcano erupting, where I was 10 minutes previous, I raced back to the town and was evacuated early the next day. Needless to say this was quite an incredible experience.

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This is me in my home office, buried (in reverse) away up in an attic. If I look out the window, the River Thames is only 50 metres away. If it's been raining heavily, it's about ten metres away!

You can see a few books behind me, but even more music (old-style). I also follow theatre a little. Apart from pretending to keep fit, I attend acting workshops some weeks, and learn French (badly) every Monday night - I speak it even worse.

My career has been in a mixture of accountancy, financial investigations, consultancy, and business schools, very often working quite internationally (which I enjoy ... a lot). I have probably reached the point where my goals are just to keep doing interesting work and meeting good people.

When asked about something unique, I usually mention my time in Texas, where a bullet passed nearby on my first night living there. It wasn't aimed for me (they had not known me long enough by that point), but it kind of made me realise I wasn't in Oxford anymore.

I am married (my wife works for clients mostly in Brussels, but does 90% of it virtually from her downstairs home office).

I also have a 20 year old son, currently studying at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, whilst studying Engineering Maths at Bristol University.


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