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Hello guys,

This is a picture of me in a Burger king in London, I was there to go in a “boiler room” party

I’m actually in my last year of Bachelor program at the Burgundy School of Business. I love techno music and travel to discover other culture.I had the opportunity to traveled around Europe last summer and I will discover South America next year.

I’m not working while studying but during my free time I work in an association which promote and create some electronic music events in Dijon. I worked in a dutch company in Breda , and now I look to find my internship for april. I’m also getting my private pilot license.
As Robbie I look to have a job for 3-5 years to build my professional experience and after that create my own company.

I hope we will have fun :)

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Hi everyone,

As you can see, i really like horses but I also have other passions.
First of all, i played drums for 10 years, I am also an actif member in the school's radio Iradi'esc.
Moreover, i am studying at Burgundy School of Business in Marketing and Business.

In the future, I would like to work in the Communication or the Marketing, that's why with my friend Aurelien Lemesle, we created a web series named ClicHé in which we spend a lot of time. We also have a communication agency (started 5 months ago) in which we deal with few customers already.

I hope you like to ride horses as well and that we will be able to work hard together.


Yo everyone!
I think you can guess on my picture that I love scooter riding! I ride since 10years now and I practice with my camera man and also good friend Arthur Meunier (author of the picture).
I also play drum for 10 years too and I'm too actif in the school's radio Iradi'ESC in the Burgundy School of Business!
I have created with Arthur a web channel of sketch named ClicHé and a communication agency named Frimouss!
I love music, skate culture, skiing, movies and pickle

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This is me in my home office, buried (in reverse) away up in an attic. If I look out the window, the River Thames is only 50 metres away. If it's been raining heavily, it's about ten metres away!

You can see a few books behind me, but even more music (old-style). I also follow theatre a little. Apart from pretending to keep fit, I attend acting workshops some weeks, and learn French (badly) every Monday night - I speak it even worse.

My career has been in a mixture of accountancy, financial investigations, consultancy, and business schools, very often working quite internationally (which I enjoy ... a lot). I have probably reached the point where my goals are just to keep doing interesting work and meeting good people.

When asked about something unique, I usually mention my time in Texas, where a bullet passed nearby on my first night living there. It wasn't aimed for me (they had not known me long enough by that point), but it kind of made me realise I wasn't in Oxford anymore.

I am married (my wife works for clients mostly in Brussels, but does 90% of it virtually from her downstairs home office).

I also have a 20 year old son, currently studying at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, whilst studying Engineering Maths at Bristol University.
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