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My name is boo box
I am 29 years old
My race is the unicorn I will be a alicorn but time moves on
I learn magic I was little since when my parents well a separate divorce
My father's name ice
Mother's name fire
My sister's name is Crystal my sister went to separate two she's with father and
And I'm with Mom I love my mother but I hate my father
My magic is combined with Fire + Ice I also learn water
My is light my likings are making friends and I'm listening music as well and I love Adventures with my friends
My dislikes are are ponies call me on my father's shadow
And I also don't like and I'm afraid of also sharks and spiders
The elements of harmony courage

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Mane 6 mother's: We're not flawless

Art created by me :D

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Name: fire dash

Age: 18 and will rp as a young filly

Gender: mare

Species: Pegasus pony

Personality: kind, very friendly and shy

Likes: having fun, making new friends

Dislikes: mean ponies, being yelled at and being physically harm

Appearance: picture down
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Just wondering do I have to wait to be accepted before doing any rp

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hello everyone !!
me and my partner are making some games but we cant do it alone we need a strong loyal good working team and we wish to have animators, voice actors, designers  and many helpers to help out with our game.

if you decide to take part :
email me:
hangouts message me 
skype me: Spyro The Dragon ( not work ? then skip it or send me your contact )
kik message me : locustkill3r83 ( or Spyro The Dragon ) 

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name: Naruto uzumaki

age: 16

bio: i don't have any parents i don't even know who my parents are and i have a monster sealed way inside me (the photos of me in red aura is me using the nine tails fox power) 0-3 tails im in control 4-9 tails im not in control the monster taking over and im having an hard time being accepted in my world because im an jinchuuriki to the nine tails fox so i decided to come to equestria help save ponies help the mane 6 protect equestria with all my power (the one pic in yellow is my rikoudou mode the one sun flames all over bijuu mode the other nine tails chakra mode and one with yellow eyes sage mode) i want to be equestria hero and start a new life in my new home
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