Hey guys I'm sammi and I have a little help I need😔

I have been playing computer aj since the beta days and have alot! Of cool things but sadly my computer broke down😔 I have a two year membership and all the animals ever released also items listed below
Pink headress
Orange headress
Yellow short spike
Founders hat
Green long spike
Cami's frog
Rare lucky armor set
Green spring worn
Black worn
Rare blue worn
Black long spike
Black short spike wrist
And over ten diamond shop spikes!

Anyways I have also got alot of dens like pecks den volcano den sky kingdom arcade den and more......
But the point is I have a request.... I got a ajpw account but I need 1500 sapphires.... If you can kindly purchase that please email me +Samantha Linde if u are able too buy it for me I will sadly be giving away my computer account!

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