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Name: Dawnstar
Age: 46 moons
Gender: Female
Personality: responsible, patient (blah blah)

Clan: River
Parents: Died
Littermates: (open)
Other Kin: (Open)

Friends: (Ope )
Best Friend: (Open)
Mate: none
Crush: (Open)
Kits: .....

Past Names: Dawn/Kit/Paw/Drop
Future Names:.........

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Personality:Cute Nice and lovable
Likes:Trees willow clan his clan and his friends

Other Kin:

Best Friend:angelStar

Biography:i dont want to share (its Sad)
Past Names:none
*Future Names:none

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{} B A S I C I N F O R M A T I O N {}

~Name~ Blossomstar
~Previous Names~ Blossomkit, Blossompaw and Blossomheart
~Future Names~ None
~Name Meanings~

Blossom~ For her charming personalty
Heart~ A loyal and trust-worthy warrior

Star~ Her rank as leader
Paw~ Her rank as an apprentice
Kit~ Her rank as a kit

~Age~ She isn't actually that old! She is 29 moons old.
~Age at Warrior~ She was 11 moons.
~Age at Leader~ She was only 22 moons old.
~Age at Deputy~ Blossomstar was deputy at 19 moons old.
~Age at Death~ She is alive you mouse-brained idiot.

~Gender~ I have said she quite a few times. Can't you guess?
~Sexuality~ She is straight.

{} R E L A T I O N S H I PS {}

~Mother~ Bluestripe. A gorgeous grey shecat with sparkling blue eyes! She is a kind and caring cat who wants to help out with everything. Blossomstar won't let the elder!
~Step-mother~ Nope!

~Father~ Brownheart. A handsome brown and cream tom with one blind eye and one green eye. He is a kind, but strict cat who loves everyone. Blossomstar insists he and his mate stays in the elders den and in camp!
~Step-father~ Nope!

~Sisters~ She only has two. Creameyes and Redblossom. They were in the second litter.

Creameyes~ A beautiful cream shecat with amber eyes. She can be very stubborn at times. She died in battle...

Redblossom~ An evil ginger shecat who was exiled and is now living as a loner. Watch out!
~Step-sisters~ Nope!
~Half-sisters~ Nope!

~Brothers~ Oh my Starclan! She has lots! Greypaw, Pinepaw, Foxpaw, Spikepaw, Fireflight and Whiskertail...

Grepaw~ A beautiful grey tom with one blind eye and one blue eye. He has a great sense of humour!_

_Pinepaw~ A muddy brown tom with brown eyes. He is very shy, but brave. He is a kind cat too.

_Foxpaw_~ A ginger tom with amber eyes. He is a strong, muscular tom, the first born out of the third litter.

Spikepaw~ A ginger and brown tom with one amber eye and one blue eye. He is the runt out of the third litter. Spikepaw is very kind and sweet.

Fireflight~ A ginger tom with amber eyes. The oldest out of the first litter. He is very kind and strong.

Whiskertail~ A white tom with long whiskers and blind in both eyes. He is kind and caring. He hates being a elder. He lost his sight in a storm.
~Step-brothers~ Nope!
~Half-brothers~ Nope!

~Other Kin~

She never met any of her other kin but her uncle, Streamheart.

Steamheart is a kind tom, brothers with her mother. He is a white tom with grey spots. He also wants to help out with the clan, Blossomstar insists that he stays in the elders den and camp.


Darkstar. A black tom with brown eyes. He was the best leader and best mentor a shecat could ever ask for!



{} L O V E L I F E {}




{} C L A N L I F E {}

~Clan~ The best clan! Nightclan!
~Previous Clans~ None
~Future Clans~ Starclan...

~Rank~ Leader!!
~Previous Ranks~ Kit, apprentice, warrior and deputy!
~Future Ranks~ Starclan leader


The nursery is a gorgeous stone den, made out of different coloured stones. It has vines hanging over the entrance of the den, making it even more beautiful! It even has vines hanging from the ceiling inside. It is a pretty big den.

~Apprentice Den~

The apprentice den is great. Right at the back of the den, has no roof. That is where you can train with friends. The den is made out of rocks and plants. It also has vines hanging over the entrance and around the den.

~Warriors Den~

Ahh the warrior den. It is the biggest den! It is also made out of stones too. It is covered in vines. Basically all of the dens has vines somewhere!

~Medicine Cat Den~

Its a gorgeous den, filled with beautiful herbs and wonderful scents! It has vines hanging down, covering the entrance. It also has blossom trees by the entrance. It is hiding in the camp. It is the most gorgeous den!

~Elders Den~

The elders den is wonderful. It is hiding in the camp, just like the medicine cat den. There is a log, covering the entrance. You can still get through into the den. It is the most protected!

~Leaders den~

Blossomstar's den is the best den ever! It has gorgeous streams, running throughout the den. It has vines hanging over the entrance. And it also has the most comfortable nest! She even has her own fresh-kill pile!

{} L I K E S / L O V E S {}

She adores her clan so much. She has always loved her clan, and wishes to be with them to protect them.

Ahh, um. Her family and friends! She really wants her brother, Whiskertail to see again. The runt of the litter really loves her older brothers, and her younger ones too!

Her crush. Hehe...

The former leader, her former mentor, Darkstar. She misses him so much...

{} D I S L I K E S / H A T E S {}

She hates her evil sister, Redblossom. Even as a kit she would bully her older siblings. She was so happy when she became the leader to exile her!

She doesn't like other clans to be honest...

{} P E R S O N A L T Y {}

She is kind, but can be very strict. The runt of the first litter is kind and caring, she never wants to leave her clan.

She is a flirt around her crush. She really wishes to have a mate and kits someday...

{} Q U O T E S {}

"Don't worry, I will protect you..." She whimpered to her blind brother as they were limping home from the battle.

{} B I O {}

She was the runt of the litter, small and cold... She was born with Whiskerkit and Firekit. They were bestest friends.

Blossomkit, Whiskerkit and Firekit soon became apprentices. Darkstar was her mentor. She was so happy and excited! She then met ___, they became best friends, then she soon had a crush on him._

A few moons after, their mother had another litter! She was so happy until Redkit started being mean to the 10 moon old apprentices...

Redkit and Creamkit became apprentices when they became warriors. Redkit soon trained in the Dark Forest. She was more evil than ever.

Blossompaw soon became Blossomheart. She was so happy. She sat guards with her brothers that night. Blossomheart caught her sneaking out, she decided to follow Redpaw. Redpaw attacked Blossomheart, leaving her scarred.

She became the deputy at 19 moons. She was more strict, she would get angry easily and will always boss Redpaw around.

Redpaw soon became a warrior with her littermate... THEN AFTER A FEW MOONS THE THIRD LITTER WAS BORN!!

The four new apprentices stood proud. She was happy for them. A moon later a battle happened. Darkstar was on his last life. He was murdered... She then became the leader, strong and proud. She was upset her mentor died.

She then exiled Redblossom. Creameyes was sad at first, the clan was happy that she left, even her parents and siblings were happy, Creameyes was then happy that she left.

There was another battle. Creameyes died this time...




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~~~~~BASIC INFO~~~~~~

Name: LightMeadow
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Personality: A fighter. Caring and loving once you get to know her but she hates enemies, and would sacrifice her life for her loved ones and fight til the death.
Likes: Training, Kits, Family, Protecting those she loves.
Dislikes: Getting and staying wet for too long, others getting hurt, Enemies/Attackers.


Clan: WillowClan
Rank: Derputy
Parents: LightningFlake (Father) & SilverFeather (Mother)
Littermates: Unknown
Other Kin: Unknown

Friends: None (OPEN)
Best Friend: None (OPEN)
Mate: Maybe Crush
Crush: None (Open Needs Male Cat)
Kits: Mate First


Biography: Unknown. You can sometimes ask her but it depends who asks and at what time.
Past Names: Lightkit, Meadowclaw.
Future Names: None

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