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Una de las "cosas" ENORMES q' la VIDA te da CHANCE, y té quiere enseñar son estas !
REFLEXIONA, RECONOCE y ten siempre en cuenta !
Da á TÚ DIOS G R A C I A S !

To all members if this community;

This community is strictly moderated. I don't tolerate spam, abusive posts, inappropriate content, or other community violations. From this point on I'll be employing a three strike rule. If you post anything in violation of the community rules I will remove the post. If you get three strikes you will be banned from this community.

I of coarse reserve the right to remove any user at any time who violates the rules.

I'm working on getting this notice on the community description so that it will be a permanent disclosure.

Please don't take this as a reason not to use this community. In fact I'm posting this to keep the community a place where we can have thoughtful discussion, connect to others with like interests, and celebrate the THM. It's sad that I even have to state this, but I'm not going to leave this community unmoderated.

Thank you for being a part of this community! Please notify me if you see any violations to have them removed.

Also, in other news I'm looking for moderators and people to populate the community. If you would like to help maintain this community please message me and we'll talk. And make sure to invite other THMers to join this community! We can only have good content if you the users participate.


Andrew Brown

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And now to lift your spirits a bit from my last post, here is a press conference from the survivor of the Spring shooting.

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I have a friend in Spring that posted this sad story from last week. Did anyone know this family?

Everyone hear the new changes to the missionary program announced today? Missionaries will now use the internet for proselyting purposes, and will have social media accounts to interact with investigators! Also sounds like the missionaries will be based more out of the local ward buildings since the doors will be open and the missionaries will be available to give on demand tours to walk in visitors.

The title of the leadership training meeting was, "Hastening the Work of the Lord". Appropriate for the announcement?

Growth on this page has been slow, but we're getting more members here and there. Make sure to share this community and invite your friends from the THM to join!

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Hi all! Served in English and ASL March 1997-March 1999. Served under President Bruce Sorensen. They had broken ground and started building the temple when I was there serving in Spring.

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Here's some pics I collected for the Fallbrook Deaf Branch reunion.

Okay so I'm really excited about this community page and I want to make it a very good looking and inviting page. I will hopefully be able to curate and develop this page. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, or simply have suggestions feel free to let me know as I would appreciate the help.

One idea I've had is to add discussion areas for most of the recent mission presidents and those of years past. However, since I only served under President Steward I'm not aware of other presidents before or after to a very great extent so please tell me the president you served under and I'll try to get them added immediately. Also if you could include the dates served for those mission presidents that would be very helpful!
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