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Are you Namibian or living in Namibia and using a cellphone / smartphone / tablet as a "mobile device"? Then please help us understand the usage patterns of Namibian mobile users better by filling out our little survey at

The results will be made public and will get licensed under the Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 4.0), so you're doing a good deed here and creating one of the first "open data" resources in Namibia as well.

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Do you teach Computer Science / programming / web dev? We have free tools for you: teacher dashboard, analytics, and autograders. Let me know what you think.

Great to find that School net is not gone! 

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Coastal members of EduNet Namibia may want to grab hold of a copy of the Namib Times today where an extract of a blog post (scheduled to be published around lunchtime at online too - just to give the Namib Times the chance to sell some copies just because of this article of course) will be published regarding EduNet Namibia. 

I have started blogging at the Namib Times last week, so more articles (starting with a second part on the same blog article next week) will be heading into the "printed press" as well, again in the hope to broaden awareness and our count of EduNet supporters both online as well as "offline".

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EduNet now also available on LinkedIn - if you have contacts there which you would like to invite to to that group, then please spread that news to them: the more support we can gather, the better we will be heard on the ground as well:

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So the MoE actually prescribes Microsoft Windows as the operating system to be taught to primary school children. And then provides no books or approved publications to do that (only to teach computer studies to Grade 8-10 students). 

Here's my little rant about that then...

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Welcome to EduNet Namibia - now also available on Google+, with all the extended options that we have here (mainly: the ability to filter discussions into various categories as opposed to have it all on one timeline).

What is EduNet Namibia all about? Plain and simply: getting information and communication technology (ICT) into the classrooms of Namibia, training teachers to use it, establish a local support hotline and train ICT technicians to install, maintain and at times replace ICT equipment in all 1700 schools in Namibia.

Where are we with that project? Well, having started only in July 2012 with a group on Facebook, we have so far managed to grab the attention of 70 group members, have presented the concept behind EduNet Namibia (which is focused on using open source technologies whenever and wherever possible so as to avoid licensing issues as well as single vendor dependencies and allowing us to use less than "cutting edge" ICT equipment - we also strive to use only Creative Commons licensed training materials and OERs) both to UNESCO and the Ministry of Education...

...well, and that's where the effort has gotten bogged down in the ubiquitous sands of the Namib desert. 2013, that is my pledge, should see EduNet Namibia to gain a lot ore momentum. We obviously expected to get more interaction from the "official channels" in Namibia, but that was not to be. Organising things through our community of learners, parents, teachers and otherwise interested people is now the most important thing - as well as to communicate with many similar projects around the world, not just in Africa.

I invite you to also visit the EduNet Namibia website (link included here) to learn more - there we also have a range of forums that are intended to bring everyone together, not just Google+ or Facebook members.

This group is still very "fresh", hope you bear that in mind where things may currently look still a bit "odd" whe compared to other Google+ Communities - as we gather steam here, we should be able to get the hang of things pretty quickly too. Kind words to "nudge us on" are obviously very welcome ;-)
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