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1. No god modding/mini modding. It's not fair to anyone and it's frowned upon here.

2. Absolutely no spamming whatsoever. We keep this community fresh and clean.

3. Don't start role playing until your profile is made correctly from the profile template and approved.

4. No fakemons, fakemoves, fusions, etc. Only real moves and Pokemon gijinkas. Ask for permission if you wish to have one.

5. You must keep romance to minimum, crushes and small kisses are allowed. If it's more, it has to be a private post and the other person must agree with the idea.

6. No cyberbullying/racism/etc outside of role play. This community is for fun so the person should not be attacked under any type of circumstances.

7. Your profile must be approved by the owners/moderators before you role play. Please respect them.

8. You may have up to 5 profiles. Ask for permission if you want more. Also, only 1 shiny profile. If you are a moderator, then 2 shiny profiles.

9. This place is pure storyline so there is minimum grinding, however you may if you wish to do so.

10. Moderators, please do not abuse your powers and don't approve your own profiles! There is a system here:
1st Strike- Warning
2nd Strike- Warning and a Day Ban
3rd Strike- Permanent Ban

11. When you start, you have to finish the role play! I can't stress this enough. Every time I see a community, there are always role plays just hanging around. Tag if the person doesn't reply within 24 hours. Although, some of us do have lives so please understand that part when they don't respond immediately.

12. No TM's and HM's. Only 1 move should be above 100 power and that's it. This is to prevent characters from being over powered.

13. The maximum starting level is 50. Under special circumstances that I have allowed someone to exceed the limit. However, it's an unlikely case.

14. This is not technically a "rule" but it is an option to consider. Please share this community around and invite your friends over! Make it big and have fun! :3

(Contact me in the "Questions/Concerns" section if you need any help. If you have any suggestions, contact me in the "Suggestion Box" section. Thank you!)

flies around the market district sneackly stealing from the registers

TONS of Questions:

1. Are we only aloud to be Pokemon-human hybrids? I'm fine with it just asking if we have to be those or if we can just RP as pokemon.
2. Are we aloud to be pokemon versions of characters?
3. If so, can they have few details of the actual characters?
4. Is there a amount of OC's aloud?
5. I seen the post way at the bottom, What's "Mini Modding"?
6. If we do need to be Pokemon-Hybrids thingys, Is it aloud to be a human character from another show/video game mixed with a Pokemon?
7(Final question). Whats the Profile template? I have searched everywhere yet can't find it.

floating in the caves i miss people

Soul Burner: *floats around trying to find a house for sale*

Soul Burner: walks through the market district drunk

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Quote: Never mess with the Fire of the soul
Name: Soul Burner
Nickname: Gin
Gender: male
Age: 16
Sexuality: none of your business
Personality: lay back
Likes: Cooking, friend and loved ones, hats, being lazy, being a merc.
Dislikes: hateful people, annoying tasks, and gun usage on the job.
Side: Neutral
Species: chandelure gijinka
Type: ghost,fire
Ability: infiltrator
Level: 50
Moves:  Will-O-Wisp, Night Shade, Attract, Imprison
Bio: Before the war Soul Burner was just a name his enemies gave him because him and his Chandelure would only burn the souls of his targets. But when the war started soul burner was on deaths door step until the strong bond his chandelure felt for him allowed them to fuse and let him fly away from the war.

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"I will defend you, my love!"
Name: Garrett
Gender: male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Age: 32
Pokemon mix: Gallade
Weapon(s): dual weilded longswords
Likes: Gemma, his swords, fighting, defense
Dislikes: mass murder, danger (especially around Gemma), losing
Bio: Garret is a very skilled fighter. In fact, he and his wife, Gemma are so skilled, they have their own name. They are known as "The war's blades" beacuse of their amazing swordsmanship. They have been married for 9 years.

"And I will protect you in return, my love!"
Name: Gemma
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Age: 32
Pokemon mix: Gardevoir
Weapon(s): rapier
Likes: Garret, fighting, attacking
Dislikes: huge fights, people with huge swords (except for Garret), multiple people against just her
Bio: (pretty much the same as Garrett's)


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Freedom is all I have and I'm lucky to have it.

Name: Electra
Nickname: Thundus
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Mischievous, Adventurous, and Flighty
Likes: Adventures, Flying, and Storms
Dislikes: People ordering her around, Walking, and Darkness
Side: Good
Species: Emolga Gijinka
Type: Flying/Electric
Ability: Static/Motor Drive
Level: 35
Moves: Iron Tail, Discharge, Acrobatics, Charge
Bio: If you lost a ring or an apple, the first thing you should do is point your finger at her. She's quite a thief, but she may be of use as well! For example, like trying the steal the enemy's stuff without being noticed! She's also the first person you should look at if a storm rolls in suddenly and the weather reporter didn't say that. Trust me, she's the one alright. Surprised that she can do that eh? Also, she HATES walking and the dark. Walking in the dark? Nope. She's an electric and flying, what did you really expect? Even if she tries to be good, she can get VERY carried away in her adventures. You have to admit though, you have to clap because for her to be determined and a risk taker for all her life? She's basically livin' life on the edge. Oh yeah, she looks Asian because she came from Asia. Duh! Nah just kidding, when Xerneas and Yveltal fought in Asia, Xerneas noticed the fallen Emolga beside her and he quickly revived her. However, as he focused his energy on her, Yveltal used Oblivion Wing on him and it messed it all up, so she became part human-that looks Asian because of her enviroment- and then Xerneas said, "Run!" Of course, why would I run even though I do have legs? Then she flew away to the "Lost Isles." However, she doesn't care that she's human, because she's the same as always.

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1. People say "Wishes sometimes come true." However, I can make it come true.
2. I can be your wishing star at the starry night. So what will it be?
3. Choose wisely or else it will come and get you...

Name: Tsuru
Nickname: Elder Star or Jirachi
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Innocent, Wise, and Honest
Likes: Granting wishes, Meeting new people, and Peace
Dislikes: Chaos, Selfishness, and People overtaken by their desires
Side: Good
Species: Shiny Jirachi
Type: Steel/Psychic
Ability: Serene Grace
Level: 50
Moves: Doom Desire, Wish, Moonblast, Heart Stamp
Bio: Usually, every thousand years Tsuru wakes up and grants only 3 wishes to the first person/people who find her and after 7 days she'll go back to sleep and the cycle will repeat. Hence her lack of aging. However, when the war of Xerneas and Yveltal started, this caused a disruptance in her cycle. She woke up and found that she had lost all of her memory and she can now grant infinite wishes without the need to hibernate to regenerate her 3 wish tags. (The ones on her head.) She also turned into a human! This malfunction made everyone across the land to go up to her for their own desires. After retreating from the swarm and war, she had resided onto the "Lost Isles". Since then after the terrible war, she was known to be the "elder" of this island since she was the very first to live and know of this area. She taught the small group to not be selfish and they took her word. The people there respected her and did not sought after her for wishes but for guidance.
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