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עמק החולה צימר בצל האלון בין שדות ופרדסים באווירה כפרית חמה ומפנקת במרכז נופים ואתרי טבע.

550 Israeli Shekel(ILS) per night + taxes

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Kfar Szold was founded during the 1940s by Jewish immigrants from Hungary, Austria and Germany and was named after Henrietta Szold, who founded Hadassah, the Women's Zionist organization. During World War II, she helped rescue children in the Holocaust and transported them to Mandate Palestine, including places such as Kfar Szold.
On 9 January 1948, about 200 Arabs crossed the Syrian border and attacked the kibbutz in reprisal for the Haganah attack on the nearby Arab village of al-Khisas a few weeks before. The British Army joined forces with the Jewish defenders, using artillery fire and killing 25 of the attackers.[1]
Prior to the Six-Day War in 1967, Kfar Szold had been a constant target for the Syrian artillery position on the Golan Heights.
On 21 July 2006, Katyusha rockets fired by Hezbollah from Lebanon struck a number of agricultural communities in the Hula Valley, including Kfar Szold. The attacks resulted in a number of injuries.

 Betzel Haalon, vacation rental home in Hachula Valley, at Israel upper Galilee

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