stroy untold
a girl in the eve finds paradise then
5 nov 2015 taekwondo eve..
with blossoms around the eve was owned
the souls were together
nd were we too
remembr how careful were u in bus thank u fr all such
thelife doent end bt neither now it has that pleasure
miss the way u came back just after a sec fr ur
things today hav changed but the memories r still the same
people have changed bt situations are still the same
i hoped nd beleived to celeb the day with greatest
nd this is how all is left in vain...
'mt jao ' this was what we dreamt ...!!!!
life newer ends it just ends us attimes..!!
patience is key of happiness !!!!

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i dnt need to forget to be happy i have my dreamworld its most beautiful to be their

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Life goes on forever...!!!^^ S4 love we rock oh yeah..!!♥

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30 nov'2015 trEasuRe foR heArTs...!
Treasure hunt,won first
Most imp time spend fr our souls met
Post that park i flew th kite nd u were stil by my side
Ants near bench nd snaps on the way
When i sat on road how wierd u felt
Happiest were u nd was i
Was thats the best moment we gain
...wil mis u til my last breath nd be with u even after death♥ @paglusonu lostlove*^^*

The beautiful day had gone leaving behind beautiful charm ...
The nite's stil dark nd i m left numbed
The cold breeze scaring bt stil u aint by my side....!!!@letter to almight hear my abruptisity paglusonu lostlove*^^* nd it al cntinues with a smile actualy nt their...!!!

Never take this as third party
Jever give it as a bribe
It takes all aloness
But dont test it otherwise
Its taste will make u tasteless

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