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Some more character concepts based on the prompts from the playbooks and my own sick imagination.
Night Witches: Character Concepts the Return
So a while back I wrote some character concepts for Night Witches.  You can find those here .  Essentially they're characters I came up with after an initial glance at the prompts in the Night Witches playbooks.  I've been wanting to write a continuation to...

Is there a playbook template available anywhere?

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I created 25 characters for our Big Bad Con event - 4 simultaneous tables - a complete squadron. We'll assemble all the materials for running a "wide con" of the game and share them later.

What is miminum number of players for play?
1 master and 2 players or 3 players?

I'm reading Svetlana Alexievich's astonishing oral history of Soviet women who fought in the Great Patriotic War and it is making me reconsider so many things about Night Witches. Here's a sort of coda move for you:

The first time someone denies your lived experience after the war, roll minus medals.

On a 10+ you smile and nod your head and everything is fine.

On a 7-9 everything is fine, but choose one:
You minimize your accomplishments.
You play up the accomplishments of a male relative.
You change the subject to something other than the War.

On a miss you let them have it with the full force of a natural-born Soviet airwoman. Choose one and the GM chooses one:
You'll never work in aviation again.
You'll never have a position of authority again.
Your friends and family freeze you out.
Your neighbors view you with pity or suspicion or both.

Whatever the outcome, that's how it is going to be for the next thirty years.

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I've written up some character concepts taken from my interpretation of some of prompts from some of the Playbooks. Feel free to use them yourself or just read for the entertainment value. You can find them over at my Blog Stories and Other Such Distractions.

Hey everyone I have some questions about night moves. I had a test session last night and I want to make sure i'm tracking things right.

Here is how I understand it. When a plane is damaged by enemy fire/wayfind they can still attempt their attack run but when they get back to base they must also roll wheels down. Later on if they select plane damaged again during wheels down the plane is a fiery wreck.

So two questions...
1.) If a plane is damaged a second time outside of the wheels down move do they immediately go down? Likely leading to a behind enemy lines scenario?
2.) In the Enemy fire move, if the player selects 'another plane in your section goes down' is this different from being damaged? I'm reading it to mean that the plane skips being damaged and has to immediately try to land.

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If you want Night Witches in Russian, the PDF is now available!
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