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Work on my phone late at night
Go to bed early and sleep

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*Dear Bullies

I want to ask this one question. Do you really wake up every morning to bully? Do you go somewhere like school or work or wherever just to bully someone? Let me tell you a little something, bullying does not make you "popular", it does not make you "bigger" and it definitely does not make you're life "better".

What's the point in bullying? It won't help you in school and it won't give you a brighter future, so why? For fun? To feel "mighty?"

Why don't you focus more on you're life instead of breaking someone else's. Because there might be a big hole in yours but you can't see it with all the bullying you do!

I'm asking you to stop running someone's life and start running you're own, because at the end, bullying won't pay you're bills, it won't get you a job and it won't get you friends! So just stop! You think you're getting away with hurting someone, but really, every time you do, it makes the hole bigger in you're life. So I suggest, you stop before that hole gets bigger, because if you don't, you'll fall through and it'll be hard to come out again.

So please, just stop.





Tonight, today my prayer goes out to Brittney, Kyle, Rachel, Racia, Oliver, Ash, Tim/ Timmy, Melly.

Jesus, I know prayer takes time to be answered, but I pray for these people to be safe in You're Hands, I rebuke any sickness, pain, hate, stress and depression in Jesus Name. I don't know these people, I don't know where they live, but I know that God wants a prayer to go out to them.

Jesus, protect these people, protect the ones who are reading this prayer right now. Ashton, I don't know who you are, but everything will be okay, God will never leave you're side.

It's okay to be scared sometimes, it's okay to doubt, to be sad, to cry. But it's not okay to think you're alone. Because you're not. The one reading this, yes YOU! You are SO beautiful in God's Eyes! And He will always protect you from things that are not from Him.

Keep Love Going


He will pull you out.

All those times we gave up on climbing, gave up on each other, gave up on ourselves and most importantly, gave up on God, were times where we couldn't find a way out, where we felt trapped, where we felt alone and scared, where we doubted in getting out of the deep waters.

I've always been scared of drowning. Not just in water, but in any other deplorable situation too. I'm scared of drowning in something that I can't get out of..

But that's where God came in and saved me from drowning.. He saved my family, my friends from drowning. Where I couldn't breathe, He told me He's the Life, where I was surrounded by lies.. He told me that He's the Truth.

To the world I'm suppose to be like everyone.. have to fit in..

But to God.. I'm suppose to be myself, because He created me.. and to Him.. I'm perfect. And so are you. So you can't go around and say "I'm not good enough" or "I'm ugly" or "I'm not important"... because if you do.. you insult God's creation.. you're His creation.

Psalm 139:14
You are beautiful, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Jeremiah 31:3
I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

1 John 3:20
God is greater then our worried hearts and knows more about us then we do ourselves

If you're drowning in something. Just look at God, cause His Hand is already stretched to pull you out, you just have to believe and grab on.

Psalm 56:3
When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

Keep Love Going

Prayer for you

Jesus, today/tonight I pray for those who are struggling with depression, for those who saddens more everyday, for those who have hatred towards themselves and for those who lost hope in living.

I pray for those who's worrying about exams and tests. I pray for those who can't see the right path anymore.

Jesus, You are alive! You have overcome sickness, sadness, hatred, stress, depression, loneliness and fear! You have overcome everything that is not from You!

Right now I'll pray for these people




John/ Johnson






Those are the names in my prayer today/tonight. Tomorrow I'll pray for other names! I don't know who you are! But I pray that whatever you're going through, whatever troubles you're facing, you're not facing them alone! You're troubles, you're hatred, you're depression will flee from you in Jesus Name!


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Yeah only if that day would come

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Hey everyone welcome

So i created this community because i want to make sure that everyone know they can talk to me about anything and i will give the best advice i can
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