Study links dehydration to increased pain sensitivity

The sensation of pain is not always linked to an injury. A study has shown that people experience pain more when they are dehydrated.

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Closest Thing to a Wonder Drug? Try Exercise

Studies have showed that exercise can help patients with Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome and more. It also enhances the healing process.

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New Nutrition Labels Are Coming to Remind You That Sugar Is the Root of All Evil

The latest dietary guidelines suggest people limit added sugar to 10 percent of their daily calories.

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Gym training

Gym training facilities at Elevate Training +MMA are equipped to meet your needs. Thousands of square feet outfitted for strength training, athletic testing, postural assessments, Olympic lifting, mixed martial arts, corrective exercise, sport specific training, massage therapy, cardio and flexibility… you name it, we’ve got you covered.

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Healthy Diet and Nutrition Tips Elevate Personal Training + MMA

Adequate diet and nutrition means your body gets the vitamins, nutrients and minerals it needs. Healthy eating is your primary way to attain good health.Read more...


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Postural Assessments Elevate Personal Training + MMA

During the initial evaluation we will conduct a postural assessment -looking for reasons why your lower back hurts all the time, why you have chronic headaches, knee pain, hip pain etc.Read more...


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