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Name: Max

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Class Paladin

Likes: Fighting, Adventures, Animals(especially cats), Flying

Dislikes: Deserts, Rockets and Nukes, Tricksters

Personality: He is very curious person. He is also helpful, and loyalty. But he can be made angry easily. He does not give up a fight.

Crystal magics
Crystal manipulation
_Some important ability that I have to introduce within Crystal Magics:*
-Healing Emerald: He stabs an emerald into an ally that will heal the ally
-Crystal Totem: He casts a crytal column that will give 40% resistance(the resistance depends on what crystal he casts)
Spirit Gun: he holds his finger like a pistol and he blasts a huge amount of energy at the foes
Limit Breaks:
Crystalis Armor: He casts an armoron himself that gives him 60% magic and physical defense and 100% resistance against an element(depending on the what crystal he uses)
Soul Blast: it's the same as the Spirit Gun, but it's damage is bigger, and it will weaken all the foes
Fury: He gains 70% physical damage, morality and gets berserked

-When he uses Crystalis Armor, then he will be weak to the element's opponent element (E.g.: if he uses ruby armor, then he will be weak against water element attacks)
-When using Fury he will get the Berserk status, that means he can't use abilities

Weapons and other equipments:
-Encahnted School dest that can fly

Bio: After 4 years his born he lost his parents when a bounty hunter chased them. After his parents' death, a cat brought him into a village, and adopted him. He lived happily in the village of cats, when a demonish destroyer knocked him out after a long battle and burn the village to ashes. When he woke up, then he only saw the burned village. After it he decided to search that evil being.

2017. 04. 14.
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Name: Guill

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Wildcat

Relationship Staces: #Single

Unknown (Doesn't Remember Family Members)

Type: Speed & Strength

Accessory: Sword

Super Attack:
Mentor Break
Final Bash
Neo Crash Drive
Super Dragon Fist
Jackhammer Smash
Burning Storm
Change The Future
Blazing Rush

Ultimate Attack:
Super Ki Explosion
Lighting Sword Slash
Shining Sword Attack
Lighting Sword Slash

Evasive Skill:
Spirit Slash

Full Power


Friends & Family

Getting Annoyed
Getting Told what to do
Friends/or Family Getting Killed


Bio: Classicfield
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This is probably as detailed as it'll get.

Name: Blaise Anthony Wood
Nicknames/Alias: Mr. Wood (in formal occasions)
Secret Identity: The Bionic Soldier
Date of Birth: March 5, 2002
Place of Birth: Planet Earth
Age: 14 (will be 15 in five months)
Gender: Male
Blood Type: Mixed (Half Normal Blood, Half Bionic Blood
Likes: Helping other people, his friends, the Freedom Fighters, contributing to the greater good
Dislikes: Anyone who's evil, getting sick, being backstabbed
Race: Bionic Human

{Specialty Information}:

Powers: Bionic Blast- A bionic energy ball that does a simple amount of damage.

Bionic Boost- A boost of speed that allows Blaise to become very fast.

Bionic Shockwave- Blaise jumps up and smashes his fist on the ground, dealing tremendous damage to enemies. It is handy for multiple hostiles.

Bionic Charge- Blaise dissipates into an orb, then a few seconds later, appears in front of his attacker in his physical form and smashes into the enemy for tremedous damage.

Super Takedowns:

Call of Ancestors- Blaise summons the power of his ancestors and unleashes a fury of punches and kicks on his opponent with amazing speed. At the end, Blaise kicks his opponent up in the air, then speeds towards them and strikes them with a huge bionic blast with brutal force.

{Gear Information}:

Armor: Bionic Soldier Jacket and Pants: A black jacket and pants. One of the jacket sleeves are red, and on the other, a symbol of a wolf can be seen. This outfit provides average protection against any kind of attack due to its polymer material.


Bionic Staff- A staff made of bionic energy. Only ones with bionic capabilities can wield it.


Multi-Tablet- A compact tablet made by Blaise. It is small, so he can fit it anywhere. This tablet has a variety of uses: one, he can use it to communicate with friends and allies; two, he can use it to find his way around the enviroment; and three, he can use it to hack technology.

{Character Information}

Bionic Hero
Freedom Fighter

Personality: Blaise is a kind, caring soul who wants the best for anyone. He is extremely hostile against anyone who is evil.

+Sonic The Hedgehog. (Chaos)​​
+Cody Kyser​​ (Adoptive Brother)
+Roselia Shaolin​​ (Close friend)
+Lance the Soldier​​ (sometimes)
+Erika Velvet​​ (sometimes)

Various forces of evil

Biography: Blaise is a teenage bionic human who currently resides on Planet Mobius and works in the Freedom Fighters. He was born on March 5th, 2002, on Planet Earth. A year after he was born, assassins broke into his house and killed his parents. The assassins grabbed him and transported back to Planet Mobius with him.

Blaise was left at an orphanage, and lived there until he became 12, when he was adopted by +Cody Kyser​​. Blaise mutually met Sonic the Hedgehog and learned of Chaos, an organization fighting the Deadly Alliance. Blaise met many more people as he grew in age.

One day, however, Blaise learned something incredible: he had bionic abilities! He used these abilities to defeat Kyle'th, a great demi-god who planned to unleash terror on the planet.

Blaise was gone for a long time, so long that his friends, even Cody, thought he was dead. That was proven wrong when Blaise made his return by destroying a horde of robots.

As his journey progressed, Blaise and Cody's relationship started to fracture, due to his "lone wolf" style and overreactive state. It got heated at one point, when Cody relentlessly attacked Blaise after he said he didn't care if he died. It was so bad, Blaise was even sent to the hospital. Blaise is constantly oppressed by Cody, and his two friends, +Lance the Soldier​​ and +Erika Velvet​​. Will he make things the way it used to be? Or will the trio lead him to his demise? That is to be found out!

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((That moment when you have OCD when it comes to updating your profile >.>))

Quote: Even if I got to go through Hell and Back, I'll do whatever it takes. I'll promise you that

Name: Cody Kyser

Age: 15

Alias: The Dragon Thief

Theme Song:

Personality: a bit of a Lone Wolf, but will Cooperate with Others with a Smile, but when Mad, don't be Surprised with a Punch to the Face, out of the Dragon Thief Trio, he's the one who can't really decide on his own his own Feelings. He's an Ass to some people, but to other People he just wants to be around Forever, even if the person doesn't feel The same way. He used to be Stoic until he starting interacting with people, and those people have basically made all his Emotions, And he feels losing a Person feels like he loses the emotion that he got from them as well.

Bio: A boy who takes from those who Deserves it, He lived in an Apartment with his Sister until his tenth Birthday, when she was caught Robbing a Bank, then put on the Death Penalty. After that, he was put in a Orphanage, but that's where he made his First true Friend. The Dragon King himself, Bahamut Saved him from getting Beating to Death as he Grabbed Cody, and Flew away to a faraway Forest. In that Forest, Cody found out the Dragon's Name was Bahamut. Bahamut promised the Boy that he would protect him and give him Special Powers as long as he took up the Dragon's Oath, and would try his best to reunite Human and Dragon kind, obviously the Boy Agreed, he became a Thief like his Sister and up to about 4 years, he was doing just that until he was Taken from his School by +Sonic The Hedgehog. (Chaos)​​​ and became a Chaos Member ever since. As our Story progresses, He finds a Girl by the Name of +Erika Velvet​​​​, who seemed to know him, but he didn't know Her. It wasn't until Later that he found out that Bahamut stored some of Cody's memories into him, getting rid of His Damnation mode, but making him Forget Erika in the Process. After he got his Memories back from Bahamut, he Remembered everything about Erika and had finally learned about being a Dragon Thief. Since before meeting the Whole Chaos Family, he was just a Stoic Slave to his Old Father, Mike Kyser. Now since he joined the Chaos family, he was finally able to Feel Emotions, and he doesn't want to lose those Feelings.​

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strengths: Since the Ways of the Dragon Thief are very Unknown, barely anyone knows their Attacks, Also Enhanced Speed, Strength, and little more Durability, but not much.

Weakness: Is very Fragile, so tries to avoid or Block as many attacks as he Can. He's also very Sensitive, so most of the time, It's Easy to make him Break down and go in for the Kill.

Ninjitsu; Reason?: Because of +Kero Greninja "Gekkouga"​​​, +Alopex​​​, and +Roselia Shaolin​​​

Jeet Kune Do; Reason?: Because of Watching +Jon Talbain (Chaos)​ Practice that Fighting Style

Likes: Weapons, Stealing, Dragons, Friends and family, Hugs, winning, Soft and Fluffy things, a little bit of Human Kind ((so basically the Human-like people Here))

Dislikes: Being used, losing, the Mass Majority of Human Kind, ((Basically all the Rude people in the world)), Death itself

Pokemon Partner: +Zero The Blaziken​​

Rival(s): +Overlord Laharl​​​/ +Bakugou Katsuki "Explode Kill Lord"​​​

Nemesis: +Lord Raptor "Zabel Zarock"​​​

Weapons: Butterfly Sword, Dual Swords, Dragon Claws.

Steal: Is able to Steal Items from Enemies/Opponents and use said items

Weapon Stealer: Has a lower Chance of Working the Stronger the Enemy and Weapon is, but Cody runs up to the Enemy and tries to steal their Weapon. He's able to keep The Weapon until the End of the Battle or if the Enemy steals the Weapon back

Limit Breaks

Level 1: Expunging Sword

No Mercy! It's time! Expunging... Sword!

Taught by a Knight by the Name of Asbel Lhant, this Limit Break has him in his Quick Draw Style, As he hits the Enemy into the Air with the Sword in its Sheath, he then Jumps into the Air and Axe Kicks the Enemy to the Ground and Roundhouse kicks the Enemy Away. He finally Dashes at the Enemy and Draws his Sword, Slashing through the Enemy 20 times in an Instant.

Level 2: Dragonic Rage Dance

Time for the Damned to Die! This is the Finale For you! This is it! Dragonic Rage Dance!

Learning this after his Fight with +Overlord Laharl​​​, It's a limit Break where Cody will use his Butterfly Sword, and Rush at the Enemy as he Spins and Twirls around the Enemy, spinning and Twirling the Butterfly Sword as Well, he then Throws away the Butterfly Sword as both his Hands turn into Dragon Claws as he Dashes and Slashes through the Enemy with both Claws, finishing the Limit Break

Team Attacks:

Dragon Dance: with the Help of +Erika Velvet​​​​​, they are able to Do Dragon Dance, which has Cody starts out the Combo with a Kick to the Stomach, then a flip kick, then slashing at the Enemy while spiraling at them, then jumping onto them and off of them with a Kick to the Head, as Erika Switches in with a Upwards sweep Kick, a cartwheel Kick with her Throwing Knives Attached to her Shoes, then Drop kicking and Rolling away, as then we both Charge at the Enemy and finish it off with one final Cross Slash.

Blue Meteor: With The Help of +Sonic The Hedgehog. (Chaos)​​​​​, they are able to do Blue Meteor. Whick has Sonic Revving up a Spindash, then Cody runs up to Sonic and Kicks him like a Soccer Ball at the Enemy, Sonic bounces off the Enemy the First time, as Cody then Jumps up into the Air with the Butterfly Sword, then Slams it down on Sonic as Sonic Rockets towards the Enemy, creating a Huge Crater and causing a lot of Damage in the End

Flame Storm: With the Help of +Zero The Blaziken​​​, they can Preform Flame Storm. A team attack that has Cody Fly into the Air as Zero does a Melee Combo on the Enemy, then Uses Brave Bird and Flame Charge at the same time to Soar like a Phoenix into the Air, Cody then breathes Blue Flames onto the Butterfly Sword and as Zero gets the Enemy up in the Air, Cody throws the Flaming Butterfly Sword like a Spear at the Enemy, causing a huge Explosion to happen, them landing on the Ground afterwards

Bullet Clap: With the Help of +Trish Bonavich​​​, they're able to Preform Bullet Clap. Trish starts Shooting Hundreds upon hundreds of Bullets at the Sides of the Enemy, Cody Runs along with the Bullets with his Dragon Hands behind both Sets of Bullets, as Cody Reaches the Enemy, He Slams his Hand together, causing the Bullets to go along with the Clap, Damaging the Enemy Massively.

Dragon Partners: Bahamut, Ryuu.

Dragon Skills: ((For Bahamut))

Summon Bahamut: Cody is able to Summon Bahamut FFX, as Bahamut soars down from the Heavens, grabs my Arm, Throws me into the Air, and I land on his Shoulders as Bahamut Roars. Bahamut can Attack regularly, Fly around, Use A variety of Magic and can use his Legendary Move, Mega Flare.

Dragon Regen: Any Limb that gets cut off from Cody will grow back as a Dragon's Limb, then a few Days later, it'll be back to a normal Human Limb

Dragon Soul Wings: Cody can Get Dragon Wings that Protect Him From Projectiles, and can let him Fly

Dragon Skin: Cody's Skin gets as Strong as Dragon Skin, as simple as that.

Dragon Reforge: it takes a lot of Energy to Preform this Move, so he uses it as a last Resort, but it Remakes his Weapons. His Dual swords becomes the Masamune and Muramasa. The Butterfly Sword becomes Ultima Weapon. Weapons go back to normal after the Form is Dismissed

Dragon Soul Reborn: Bahamut: Bahamut's and Cody's Souls Merged into one. Bahamut basically becomes Armor for Cody and all his Dragon Skills get unlocked. This Form Focuses more on Attack and Defense

((From Ryuu))

Flamethrower: Is able to Breathe a Stream of Fire at the Enemy.

Thunder Punch: A punch of Thunder. Simple as That.

Dragon Claw: Slashes at the Enemy with Ryuu's Claws.

Flare Blitz: Blitz towards the Enemy while Surrounded by Fire, takes Damage in the Process.

Dragon Soul Form: Ryuu: Cody's and Ryuu's Souls merge together, making Their Dragon Soul Form. This Form focuses more on Attack and Speed.

((But like Billy Mays Says, But wait! There's More!... to come anyway))
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Name: Lance

Age: 21

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Auburn

Attire: A black uniform simply referred to as the "Officer's Coat."

Abilities: Enhanced durability. Lance is also a master of stealth who is impossible to be seen or heard unless he wants to be seen or heard.

Alignment: Chaotic Good


-Gunblade: Lance's primary weapon. It's pretty self-explanatory.

-Shadow Blaster: A large futuristic looking rifle that namely uses darkness as its element, but can shoot various other elements including fire, water, electricity, ice, and holy, but darkness attacks pack more punch when they come from the Shadow Blaster.

-Accelerator: A clock themed weapon that grants its wielder to move faster through time (hence the name). While it is non-elemental, it is still capable of everything the Shadow Blaster can do save for the enhancement of dark attacks.

-Iron Wings: Lance's personal method of transportation. It also has dual machine guns.

-Medipack: Lance calls in the aforementioned item from his hand radio. The Medipack then floats down to him or a wounded ally and gets absorbed into the person in question, healing them and removing all status conditions.

Limit Breaks:

-Orbital Ion Cannon: Lance takes out his hand radio and has for his Ion Cannon to unleash a massive yellow beam of energy onto his target(s), dealing massive damage.

-Black Hole: Lance fires a blast of dark energy, but nothing seems to appear. However, soon a small sphere of dark energy appears and implodes multiple times before expanding rapidly and sucking in everything within a certain radius then explodes, dealing immense damage.

-Nuke: Self-explanatory

Personality: Lance has a socially awkward attitude around women but has a fondness of military weapons, vehicles, and armaments. He is also a very intelligent individual, especially when it comes to technology. Lance however has a major disliking towards nature, believing it has a "disgusting stench" and so on, and prefers to be around machinery. Also, he's a pervert.

Bio: Lance started out as a "well-intentioned extremist" who thought that the world would be better off under his rule. However, after his defeat by his present-day friends, he no longer seems to have any interest in conquest. He has gone on several adventures with his friends Matt, Natalie, and Anna to save the world from foes such as a nigh omnipotent demon to a glitch that manifested itself in the real world.
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