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Who do you want me to play as in my next Eight Marbles 2 video? Note: I don't know when I'll make another video, possibly soon, also I've made at least one video of everyone, but now I'm just doing a freelance.
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Angel Ace
Cure Dream
Other (comment below)

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Me after being kissed by Lily :3
Percy after being kissed by the bride in "Happy Ever After"

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A couple screenshots I took.

(Chyoko is my favorite character)
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Eight Marbles/Thomas and Friends parody (a lot of these disregard gender)

-Teduka (Eight Marbles 1/2) as Thomas
-Miranda (Eight Marbles 2x) as Edward (since both are blue and there's a rumor that Miranda is the main character in Eight Marbles 2x and Edward was the main character in the Railway Series, though I only like the TV series)
-Zane (Eight Marbles 1/2) as Henry
-Kaiba (Eight Marbles 1/2) as Gordon
-Momoka (Eight Marbles 2x) as James
-Runa (Eight Marbles 2) as Percy
-Chyoko (Eight Marbles 1/2) as Toby
-Ryusei (Eight Marbles 1) as Duck
-Lily (Eight Marbles 1/2) as Emily
-Arekuto (Eight Marbles 2x) as Donald
-Megaira (Eight Marbles 2x) as Douglas
-Kara (Eight Marbles 1/2) as Mavis
-Jaden (Eight Marbles 1/2) as Oliver
-Cure Bright (Eight Marbles 2) as Bill
-Cure Peach (Eight Marbles 2) as Ben
-Jun (Eight Marbles 1/2) as Boco
-Lilim (Eight Marbles 2x) as Daisy
-Cure Black (Eight Marbles 2) as Skarloey
-Cure Dream (Eight Marbles 2) as Rheneas
-Elsa (Eight Marbles 1/2/2x) as Duke
-Majatusi/The Great One (Eight Marbles 1/2) as Smudger (since The Great One was de-aged between the two games as a punishment for something while Smudger was turned into a generator as a punishment for being reckless)
-Itachi (Eight Marbles 2x) as Sir Handel
-Pamela (Eight Marbles 2x) as Peter Sam
-Nanaru (Eight Marbles 1/2/2x) as Rusty
-Honey B (Eight Marbles 2) as Duncan (since Honey B used to give me trouble when battling against her and Duncan rides rough)
-Rachel (Eight Marbles 2) as Bertram
-Orca (Eight Marbles 2/2x) as Harold
-Lilie (Eight Marbles 2/2x) as Diesel
-Lacus (Eight Marbles 2/2x) as George
-Isumi (Eight Marbles 2) as Trevor
-Kurumi (Eight Marbles 2) as Terence
-Amirta (Eight Marbles 1/2) as D261/Class 40 (from the Bowled Out episode)
-Nanasi (Eight Marbles 2) as Arry/Bert
-Ninon (Eight Marbles 1/2/2x) as Stepney

More will be updated if I can think harder.

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Lily in a nutshell (I'm actually watching Wreck It Ralph right now)
Animated Photo

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Animated Photo

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Hooray! Another video with Lily in it!

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Police Officer-Dannylcpd
Boy with the Bulls Eye candy-J.P.
Percy-Will (cameo)
Ryusei-James (cameo)

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Easter egg: Lily, Lilim, Momoka, and Marie appeared. I didn't expect that at all!

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I have raided another Takayama Eiko novel! If anyone cares to see the original, it's on the left. On the right is the raided cover. As you can see, I added in a few new things (which you can probably find easily), and this is my first time to use the goof encounter.
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