Alice Blog #1:

Hullo guys!^^ So I decided to do a "ten things about me" post. So here are some things you may or may not know about me. ^~^:

1.) I don't like to be in a small, dark room. If you think about it, it's kinda like being buried alive. To ME, anyway.

2.) I used to stay up until 3 in the morning just to watch Danny Phantom when I was younger. I dunno why! Like, every time the theme song would come on, I would just start to get more and more interested in the show.

3.) I'm a writer. ^^ I'm currently writing this story on Wattpad called "The boy in the woods", but I'm stuck on some plot twists and stuff..

4.) I don't like soda, or ice in my drinks. Okay so, I don't like soda is because of my little cousin, and a really funny contest in summer and, um. XDDD Let's just say I've taken a break from soda for a while.

5.) I live in Illinois.

6.)I have a blind dog, and she's 8 years old. Worry- she still has her other senses. The doctor said eyesight is the last thing an animal needs.

7.) I've always wanted to do a blog. ^^

8.) I used to hate colors. I don't know why. I was like an little "emo" child before I went into middle school. Now I'm in high school and I love every single color in the crayon box.

9.) I have some Hawaiian in me. My aunt had an Polynesian mom and a white dad. My dad is Polynesian but my mom is black. XD It's kinda confusing because I have a lot of Hawaiians in my family, but I'm not full Polynesian. Just half.

10.) I'm currently taking up cooking classes. ^^

Thanks for reading! ^^ Check out my next blog (I'll probably post it like ten minutes after this one to see if you guys like them.) and I'll tell you why I don't like soda, ice in my drinks, and why I stayed up all night just for a fake show!

Alice Blog #2:

The soda incident: Okay so when I was eight, my family went to Hawaii for the week just to visit some family and my aunt. So anyway, during the week, me and my cousin did this little prank contest, where we had to prank each other, and who every got the most pranks done wins. Anyway, at 2 in the morning, she woke me up, saying she had this Hawaiian soda hidden under her bed. (We were both 8) so I was like "I want some!:D" So we went to her room, and she got out two bottles of black soda. She told me it was from a rare black flower that made soda. I took a big ass gulp of it and it was soy sauce..

The ice story: So basically me and my friends were walking around in Florida one morning, I tripped while drinking my water, and an ice cube STUCK in my throat. So now I have this big fear of ice. XDDD

Why I stayed up for Danny Phantom: OMG!!!!!!! Guys like I had the BIGGEST crush EVER on him. XD I think I was in love with him but I dunno!!!!!!!! But I would just force myself to stay awake so I could watch his 3:00 show. I don't think I would stay up for my boyfriend (I don't have one because I'm always rejecting them every time they ask me out XDD Alice WTF?) because just no. But if the show stilled played, I WOULD-

Thanks for reading my blog post. ^^ P.A.C.E.

"Positive Attitude Changes Everything"



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