Hey fellow devs,

is any of you willing to review my HTML ? I'm making my website responsive. Bootstrap and viewport meta tag both implemented but it isn't working.

When I view the website on my phone, on which the size of the screen is same as iPhone 6, all I get is zoomed out full-size website. All the features that are available in mobile-mode aren't triggered.

When I resize browser on my desktop to the size of phone's screen it all works nicely. But not on the phone.

Would you have a look at it ? If so just leave a comment.

Cheers !

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Exactly the reaction of every layman, when they hear complicated technical terms and jargons.

It gets worse when you're getting a website designed; all the complicated industry terms fly over your head, and you have no idea how the site will turn out.
#webdesign #developer #designer #jargon #tech 
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:hover and :focus for button with rgba() and CSS Custom Properties

Hey, guys. It's my experiment with CSS Custom Properties. What do you think about it?


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Hello can someone help me ? I have code like on a image but it is not working. I need from inputs get value in the end of sweet alert. There is $("#value1").val; but it is not working when I run JS than it print undefined. Where is the mistake or how can I get values to JS variable ? Thanks a lot for help me.

Hello dear Friends,


I want make html website, but i have issue with post management, i want manage each post like WordPress without any SQL / Database.. is there any script to manage like WordPress? (I don't want to manage cat / tag. simple post)

Thanks in advance...

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Perfect picture to predict your future design
Today I attended a 3 hours meeting for a new project just to discover that:
- we have no time to design it
- we have no developers to code it
- there is not a business model
- the client has no budget

What a mess!

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[Video] How to use promises and generators in Node.js in the real world :)

I'm learning JS with Codecademy, is there any better free solutions out there?

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We gotta help this girl somehow. ideas?

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