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Sharon and Sam Part 4. There's kissage! lol

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My new story ... coming soon!

How long has everyone been watching Y&R?

Who else likes Tessa and Noah?!

I have a Y&R fan fiction group on Facebook too. If you want the link just lemme know.

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I updated my story Firework! Sharon/Sam (Samron) fans unite.

Here are some spoilers for my upcoming Y&R fan fiction, Speak to a Girl:

Spoilers for Season 1:
- Someone dies!
- Nick and Chelsea break up. Who will steal his heart next?
- Billy is dangerously close to losing Phyllis AND Victoria.
- Someone wants revenge.
- Two mysterious women come to town.
- Can Nikki and Victor mend fences once and for all?
- Is Adam really alive after all?

Who is your favorite Y&R couple and why?!

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Here's a little info. on my next big Y&R project!

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Check out my Sharon Newman/Sam Gibson story! :)
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