Name: darklight
Appearance: black fur and blue eyes and midnight blue tip feathers
Brothers: none
Rank: warrior
powers: camouflage, telekinesis, hypnosis
Bio: was abandoned when she was a kit and was found by a stream shivering and was taken in by a darkclan cat and was named darklight but was made fun of because she wasn't a clan borned cat

I am new any roles for leader or deputy

Name: Blazingtail
Clan: FireClan
Gender: Female
Appearance: Red fur with orange and yellow stripes. Has wings. Fluffy tail.
Eyes: Cobalt blue
Rank: Deputy
Age: 4 years old
Abilities: Can fly with wings, can burn anything with her tail
Mother - Burnbright
Father - Firedasher
Brother - Emberfire
Sister - Dawnfire
Mate - Flamefang
Daughter - Goldenkit
Son - Sunkit
Was born and raised in FireClan with her older brother, Emberfire, was training to be a medicine cat. Her sister, then Dawnkit, was ambitious from the start. Dawnkit did not have wings, but very strong fire powers. Blazingkit always thought herself to be lower than her sister, until clan leader took her as her apprentice. She received her warrior name, Blazingfire, then a battle with another clan erupted. She accidentally killed someone by burning them just by touching them with her tail. Her name was then changed to Blazingtail. She took Flamefang as a mate and had a daughter and a son, Goldenkit and Sunkit.
She was given Orangepaw as an apprentice, later named Orangefire, after her fire powers. Dawnfire, her sister, had been in a battle that had killed her daughter, named Goldenfur, who was currently deputy. Her mother then dies from green cough, and her father, sickened by the death of his mate, has gotten very sick. Firedasher had a fever and could hardly move. The medicine cat, her brother, Emberfire, had no idea what happened to him. They later found out, after his death, that he had been poisoned by his own daughter, Dawnfire, who was trying to poison the deputy, but the wrong cat ate the poisoned bird. Dawnfire was then exiled and she fell into a river and drowned. After the old deputy died of greencough, Blazingtail was named deputy.

Name: Darkshadow
Clan: DarkClan
Gender: Female
Appearance: Pure black and dark gray eyes
Rank: Deputy
Age: One year old
Abilities: Can teleport, can make big shadows, can disappear into shadows
Mother - Nightshadow
Father - Blackstripe
Sister - Shadowtail
Was born in DarkClan and became deputy, while her sister, Shadowtail, became medicine cat.

Name: Galacta
Clan: Loner near SpaceClan
Gender: Female
Appearance: Very dark grey with bright blue glowing specks on her fur and bright blue wings
Eyes: Glowing bright neon blue
Age: 5 moons
Abilities: Can fly, cause supernovas, and create stars
Mother: Any volunteers?
Father: Any volunteers?
Sister: Nova
Was abandoned at birth, but learned to survive by herself

Name: Daisypetal
Clan: NatureClan
Gender: Female
Appearance: Pinkish creamy fur with bright yellow eyes
Rank: Warrior
Age: Two years old
Abilities: Can grow any plant, can get energy by absorbing sunlight
Rank: Warrior
Mother - Rosethorn
Father - Oakbranch
Brother - Treefang
Mate - Birchtail
Son - Grassblade
Was born in NatureClan, but then was stolen and taken to BreezeClan. They renamed her Breezekit, for BreezeClan. They never told her about her past, until she was stolen back to NatureClan. She was named Daisykit, later Daisypaw, then Daisypetal. She took Birchtail as a mate and had a son named Grasskit, after his greenish fur and bright green eyes. He was later named Grassblade.

Just to let you know, I am making a character in each clan

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Name: SilverStar
Age: 25 Moons
Gender: Female
Clan: SpaceClan
Position: Leader

I (Stormwave) am sitting on a rock. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. I have my wings spread, feeling the breeze. I should be in breezeclan territory right now! They have the best winds. I think. I remember the time when I snuck into breezeclan to feel the winds in my wings. There's nothing like it!

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Name: (I’m gonna put my old name down too) Apprentice name: Bigpaw. Warrior name: Earthquake
Age: 12 moons
Gender: Female
Clan: Fireclan
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Serval with flaming eyes. See picture below
Personality: Can be fun, but can be very serious. Like Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon
Favorite living space: Hollowed out/charcoaled stump in the east corner of the Fireclan camp
Likes: Rabbit. A good fight every once in a while. Stream jumping (where you jump over streams while running really fast). Hunting (If it’s a good hunting day).
Dislikes: Snake and crow (Who does?). Rain. Grumpy cats.
Family: Unknown
Mentors: 1st mentor - A mysterious cat named Flameforce. 2nd mentor - Wildfire
Apprentice(s): No one yet (someone can volunteer) 
Bio: She is a serval who was trained in a cave by Flameforce, an old pure black Norwegian Forest cat. She lost Flameforce in a fire when Flameforce was out hunting. He had been stalking a mouse when lightning hit the tree he was next to. It fell on him, burning. He died while Earthquake was still in the cave, safe. When he didn't come back for a couple days, Earthquake went searching for him, but only found his necklace under the charcoaled tree. She was grieving by the tree when not long after, a Fireclan warrior came by. She heard and smelled him before he did so for her. She pounced on him and fought him. He asked which clan she was from, but she had no idea. She said she was raised in a cave and looked after by Flameforce. At this, the warrior had jumped. 
“Fl-Flameforce? Are you sure?” He had asked.
“Yes,” she had replied. He immediately took her to the camp where she was told that once, she was a Fireclan kit. They told her that Flameforce was a warrior that disappeared one day with a serval kit that had been found in a hollow stump the day before. They told her that she was probably the kit and was now in her new home. She was welcomed and made an apprentice. Her mentor was a cat named Wildfire. He taught her for about two moons, then, when he saw her talent, she was made a warrior. Her name went from Bigpaw (because of her serval size) to Earthquake (because when she steps, the earth quakes in fear). She has been serving her warrior duties in Fireclan ever since.
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