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Well, the easiest method of tailoring your content to meet your customers’ needs is to take a close look at what their main issues are. What are they struggling with and what challenges do they have to overcome? 

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Make Your Medical or Health Website Free!!

Download Free Medical WordPress Theme - Doctors

This magnificent, responsive, multi purpose Business WordPress theme is most suitable for doctors, dentists, hospitals, health clinics, surgeons and any type of health and medical related websites and blogs.


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Free Download " Wedding Plus Wordpress Theme " for any kind of Wedding website.....!!!

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Wow, when did we get to over 3500 members? HAHA!

For those who spend more time on Facebook than on Google Plus be sure to also join

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Are Copyright Activists Overreacting to WordPress 4.4's new oEmbed Provider Feature?

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Such a great question.  And I get into a little detail with the answer too.
I was recently asked a fantastic question about photography websites, which does not have a simple answer.

So I decided to break it down into the simplest answer possible.

Should I Have Multiple or One Photography Website?


This weekend I'm speaking at WordCamp Boston ( about selling photos with WordPress.

I want to do more of these, and I know many WordCamp's are trying to attract additional non-developers to the events.

So I'm wondering what types of sessions would you find valuable and worthwhile enough to attend a WordCamp? (as a photographer, not a developer)

Comment and let me know!

Coming in WordPress 4.3 is a Site Icon feature. You'll be able to upload an image to be used as your favicon.  It also creates the Apple and Windows phone icons.  Android phones use the normal Favicon.

I just tested the beta and works nicely!

And it looks like themes don't need to support the feature. It just works globally.

Yes, maybe this is shameless and maybe not --- but I just wrote a rant about the difficulty of finding the "right" theme - or the "right" plugin in the WordPress universe because the feedback loop - those stars and reviews are just so useless.

And now, rather than linking to my WP blog - I'm simply going to say that the reviewing system at compared to say, Amazon - is primative.  And I wonder why that is.

One simple example: how do I refine my search for photography plugins to order them by popularity or downloads, or active installs?

That's just one example.

I'm trying to come up with some rules for what a person should look for before installing a theme or a plugin.  And what is missing - it seems to me - is some sort of Consumer Reports of WordPress.  Some entity that doesn't have a vested interest.

And if that isn't possible - which it doesn't seem to be - a better feedback system (better meaning at least take a look at something more sophisticated in terms of sorts).

And if that functionality is there already (maybe it is and I've missed it) than make it more obvious.  Have an Advanced Search (for instance).

I could go on - but won't.
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