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These are the runes your character can have

1. No god modding
2. Follow template
3. Respect mods and owners
4. Follow rules
5. Have fun

The official Template for this community



~Ruin template~

Ruin type:
Ruin shape:

No Role-playing with out a template

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Y'all should join this community its lit af

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I'm making another community and hopefully this one actually sails so that f you decide to join or not could you at least spread the word


Hey its me +Josh Walker​ I made a new profile and I'll be on this one most often

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Name: arno sonico (golden freddy is my partner)
Age: 16
Gender: male
Personality: friendly
Skills: assassin and good fighter
Appearance: skin on the outside animatronic on the inside
Likes: assassinastions and helping my friends
Dislikes: haters
Bio: when i was young, my parents were taking to execution site, before they were executed, they gave me a assassin coin showing me the way to the HQ i met the assassins and trained with the assassins after a few missions i needed a break from the hood for a while
many years later with out any parents i realized that my parents wanted me to be a assassin so i became a assassin, many years later i became a security guard for the fazbears pizzeria, the phone guy tells me there is nothing to worry, but i knew otherwise, so before i could close the door, bonnie came in and said his tale before he became a animatronic, same with the others, on the fifth night, golden freddy appears and told me his tale, we came closer by my chaos emerald that i brought along and we became one, on the sixth night marinate helped us with the mech suit for me and golden freddy 
when i have learned about the chaos emeralds and the great hero sonic the hedgehog, i wanted to be like him when i grew up, at the age of 14, i have saved sonic from a templar and he gave me a chaos emerald as a thanks for my help, and i keep it on me ever since i was born a hedgehog and i was trained by Ezio Auditore da Firenze and sonic the hedgehog


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Open selected profile?
-> Yes No
/ 10%
// 20%
/// 30%
//// 40%
///// 50%
////// 60%
/////// 70%
//////// 80%
///////// 90%
////////// 100%
•Name• Blaze
•Gender• Unknown
•When you summoned her/him• He burns his surroundings in blue fire that doesn't go out unless told to or it burns his target.
•Appearance• Picture below (first one)
•Species• Hellhound
•Owner• Red.
•Name• Fiery
•Gender• Unknown
•When you summoned her/him• same as blaze.
•Appearance• Picture below (second one)
•Species• Hellhound
•Owner:• Ruby
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Name: "Unkar Nilock."

Title: "Ruin Of The 7 Dragons."

Gender: "N/A."

Age: "Calculating..." "999999999999 ERROR."

Time Of Latest Summon: "Day 194, Week 28, Year X05H."

Appearance: "PICTURE. BELOW."

Scale Of Power: "Unknown."

Species: "Dragon."

Summoner: "Ray Xesten."

Bio: _"Classified."_

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Jynieve sat at the stairs of the school. Her earbuds in, she typed on her phone, singing quietly.
"Oh-bi-doo, I wan'na be like yo-o-ou..."
She slightly danced and bopped her head to the beat.

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jacks walks deep into the forest and into a spot where a couple of trees are so close together the cause a large shadow as he walks into it heh...don't worry ive got everything under control he turns over to his shoulder as if he was talking to someone .....I can't do that...fine...I'll try jack smiles a laughs a little this should be fun...
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