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Hello there fellow-soon-to-be-bubs! (Unless i know u irl...then ur already one :3)
This is the bub world,where bubs roam free.To be a bub,you need to read the rules,create one,and know the bub restrictions. (Basically still rules.)
Bub creation rules~
•Do NOT create a bub with hair or a wig.Bubs NEVER have hair. (No beards either,sowwie...)
•No facial hairs.
•I will create a bub template to create a bub!Or make your own.I will post a picture of a bub.

Bub Rules
Everyone gets 5 TOES.
If you break a rule,you lose a toe. (Getting a wig or giving a bub hair makes you lose a toe aswell.)
1.Dont be a mean bub!
Like any other community,I want people to be nice.If you keep bullying,your BANNED.
2.Keep the Land Of Bubs appropriate for all ages.
Please keep all posts appropriate please.We don't know the ages of people in this community or who even LOOKS at it!If you break this,you will lose 1 toe.(Also,no cursing sowwie e3e)
3.Please no spam.
Don't spam in the Land Of Bubs.Bubs are VERY allergic to spam.We didn't build a Bub Hospital dont spread your allergies.Doing this loses a toe.This is the same as limiting posts.Do 2-4 a day.You don't have to post all the time.
4.You must listen to your Bub Teacher.
All bubs are different.They all have different talents as well.You have to take bub classes to become a bub!When your offical,you can build buildings,but have to be approved by the Bub Authority at the Bub House.In the classes,you must listen and respect your teacher.If you are disrespectful,your bub teacher will tell the Bub Authority and you will lose a toe.
5.Have fun!

Now things you should add with your bub bio!
Bub name,(i will give you a number.)
(Realize bubs have no gender.)
Bub likes and dislikes.
And a little about your bub!
You can create up to 3 bubs.
Some bub classes are....
Art/Doodle Bub Classes,Learn to draw and doodle! (Run by me and +Simran Singh​,Doodle Bub.)
Shadow Bub Classes,Be sneaky and stealthy....(Run by +Hunter Nightshade​)
Cooking Bub Classes,Learn to cook bub meals! (Run by ......)
Nature Bub Classes,Enjoy the beauty of nature! (Run by.....)
Speech Bub Classes,For Bubs that have trouble speaking (not necessary,oh well.)
And more!
Thank you for reading this though.Have a Wonderful Day! :)

Hey bubs whos still active

This community photo.I blame Bandit Bub.
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