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Surat Shabd Yoga

Surat is the faculty of hearing “listening” and Shabd is the sound that rings in the eye center. The mysterious Tinnitus. Even the Newer Gurus nowadays try to tell people that the sound is not Tinnitus even people who have done this for 40 plus years or more. They deny that the sound ringing in the ears is not the tinnitus sound, the real sound is different they say.

This only tells me one thing they know nothing about the sound current and may have been trying to do it for years or they just cannot do it simply because they do not get how to do it. Its simplicity just cannot be true! Just listen to it and that alone.

I have even heard popular mystics and sayer’s say that Shabd practice is bull shit. But when we look at what they do then its easy to understand why. They just do not know how or why it is done. This so called the kings royal path the path of paths and the best means to achieve liberation is shunned because of pure ignorance of what the sound really is better yet how the practice is done and used removing all mysticism spirituality and magical thinking. You listen to the sound of Tinnitus and Tinnitus is only used as something to listen to that blocks the sensory perceptions. Thats it. What happens reality is found objectively.

In the weekly Sat Sangs by the Sat Sangis the initiated disciples of the mystics of beas the mention of Shabd in those Sat Sangs is rare very rare to hear it mentioned once,, is perhaps a miracle. Why even initiates do not grasp it simplicity and seem to be scared or bewitched in a magical sense not to mention it or talk about it. Why? They do not know what it is, how to do it and why we even do it. This is also common even with very old timers on that path.

People who are Initiated into Surat Shabd Yoga and after 30 years do not know how to do it. I think they think its a form of magical stuff and if they do it they will be scared. This is of course non sense.

In Surat Shabd Yoga the initiation attaches two other yogas along with the one practice of Surat Shabd yoga. You can do the first two together but you cannot do the last one Surat Shabd with the others it has to be done alone. Surat Shabd cancels out the other two Jap yoga and Dyan Yoga Jap or as they call it Simran and Dyan. The reason that the first two are give as a technique is to put you in touch with the ringing in your ears. That is the only official use of the first two practice. If your ears are ringing then you do not need to do the first two of them at all.

We do not do shabd a practice. We do not make it happen by effort. We do only one thing !!!!LIstening!!!!. There is no figuring out if its a sound made by this or that or what people call it in different languages. We do not gain magical powers by doing it. We cannot change fate or make our selves health or live longer. NO Magic it is a technique for sensory control of the illusions caused by the five senses.

The entire secret to shabd is listening to it ring in your ears head eye center right side left side no matter where it is and just listen to it. That is why the uneducated as well as the educated the weak or sick or poor or rich can do it its just listening to the sound of your tinnitus or listening to the sound no matter what you think it sounds like as a tool to do a specific thing sensory control. I copied some stuff people say about Tinnitus:

Tinnitus is a physical condition, experienced as noises or ringing in the ears or head when no such external physical noise is present. Tinnitusis usually caused by a fault in the hearing system; it is a symptom, not a disease in itself. The word "tinnitus" means "tinkling or ringing like a bell".

This definition of tinnitus is a bell sound in the ears or head.

I think this one thing puts it to rest that surat shabd is listening to the bell sound in the head or ears. It is not a disease in itself but a symptom of one as doctors see it. Why they get people who hear it and complain about it. Why do they do that. Because it is very powerful at doing one thing distracting one from the other senses. Thus they say it can disrupts their life. It pull away from the other senses. That pull is the whole thing that Saints and Mystics say to do it. People say they feel disfunction in every other sensory sense organ !

copied: A historical review of Tinnitus

In description of tinnitus, famous persons who suffered from tinnitus are often

mentioned. Joan of Arc, also known as "the Maid of Orleans” lived during 1412 –

1431, is described to suffer from tinnitus. Even as being born in a peasant family

she lead the French Army to several important victories during the ”Hundred

Years' War”. However, her tinnitus did not cause of her early death, she had

additional significant stressors in life to consider.

Ludwig van Beethoven is another famous person suffering from tinnitus. He is

one of the most gifted composers and lived between 1770 and 1827. In spite of

his severe symptoms, he produced the greatest music for us to enjoy.

Another composer, Bedrich Smetana, described his tinnitus as ”high E”.

Charles Darwin, (1809-82) well known for his book ”On the Origin of Species”,

kept records of its daily amplitude and frequency


Darwin would have been a good initiate of Kirpal keeping his diary.

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, or only “Michelangelo” was another

famous person with tinnitus. He lived between 1475 and 1564 and was a true

renaissance man. He lived during the same period as his rival and fellow

Italian Leonardo da Vinci.

Ideas from the past

Historical descriptions of tinnitus have depended highly on cultural factors. In the

ancient Oriental mysticism tinnitus was regarded as sensitivity to the divine.

The old Egyptians believed that tinnitus occur from a bewitched ear and as treatment

they infused oils or herbs in the outer ear canal. During the Middle Ages, this strategy

continued and different substances were used.


olive oil is very good for keeping your teeth health used after brushing just brush it into the gum on the teeth and take a tablespoon in the morning mix it with your saliva and coat your mouth and it can heal cavities. Vegetarians have a problem with Omega 3s and Olive oil is the very best better than cod liver oil.

During the 400 century BCE, Hippocrates and Aristoteles, introduced the idea of

masking and suggested: "Why is it that buzzing in the ear ceases if one makes a

sound. Is it because a greater sound drives out the less?

comment: Shabd Yogis can speak and still hear the sound.

In the Babylonian Talmud, tinnitus appears as the “curse of Titus”: described as a

buzzing in the brain, responded to sound therapy, and then habituating.

Now days, sound therapy is a common used therapy for tinnitus. It was first

administered in high levels to mask tinnitus (Feldmann, 1971; Vernon, 1977), to be

replaced by low- dose white band noise generators (Jastreboff and Hazell, 1993).

In the Roman medicine tinnitus was regarded as being associated with depressive

and seizure disorders and these conditions were presumed to have a common

pathophysiology. However, now days when we explain these pathways it is done in a

completely different way (Holgers et al 2005)

Report from the 20th century

During the first part of the 20th century, an otolaryngologist by the name of R.L

Wegel stated in 1931 in an article published in Arch. Otolaryngology : "Tinnitus is a

pathologic symptom . . . I am under the impression that the presence of

tinnitus.....generally indicates an active or progressive lesion and that the cessation

of an indication that the degeneration or atrophy of tissue has been arrested”.

However he continued and said: "people entirely without tinnitus are extremely rare, if

such cases exist at all."

Comment : Here we go a doctor says "people entirely without tinnitus are extremely rare, if such cases exist at all."

When Edmund P. Fowler published articles on tinnitus in the beginning of the

forties, he first suggesting tinnitus to be present together with deafness, but he

altered this conclusion writing: "It may be, and often is, present in some form in

persons who have no apparent aural or other disease."

Again: "It may be, and often is, present in some form in

persons who have no apparent aural or other disease." Or other disease the only result of this statement is that it is not something that is not natural to a human being it is there in all healthy and not. Its an organ of the senses.

Lempert described tinnitus on the basis of his observations associated with middle

ear surgery that "tonus impulses originating in the sensory fibers of the

trigeminus, the sympathetic, or glossopharyngeal may enter the tympanic

plexus, but normally [are] not heard."

From this histroical review of tinnitus we find that very smart people have this and one modern doctors said it may be impossible to find a person who does not have it.

For the Sat Sangi does all this matter. Not one bit. What, how, why ,who ,where, the Sound current is or what makes it or causes it is not what we do. We are not even to think of ideas of the divine associated with the sound to be able to do the techthe tech of just listening.

We are not to think about the shabd and analyse it. The secret of surat shabd is just listen to the sound of the bell. If a person does not look or think that the tinnitus is of an illness and just thinks of it as it really is a body function like one of our five senses then the attitude about the unknown spooky leaves and a new perception is achieved.

One of the great things about listening to the shabd it it will prevent you from doing bad things. Lust anger greed attachment egoism. It has a cooling effect on a persons mind. It gives strength to think things out instead of blind worry. The act of listening to the sound has a profound damper on the primal id. Where people who are prone to sensual excitement may feel that they are restrained from doing what they desire.

Just listening to the sound current that alone is the only thing we who do Surat Shabd Yoga do. Most other people use alcohol to numb themselves but we find it has the other result and makes a person stupid in an uncontrolled result.

In the Sat Sangs of the Sant Mat it is strange that Shabd takes a back seat to all that is said in the 45 minute meetings. When Soami Ji himself said in Sar Bachan that any Sat Sang that does not speak of Shabd know it not to be Sat Sang.

Radha Soami

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Be a Master
When there is power within, we are able to do what is required at the
right time. We are able to find the resources and use them
appropriately. All we have to do is to be a master and order and the
right resource will be obediently accessible for use. To say "I will
try to do it" is to experience failure even before beginning something.
We need to have the thought that I will do it come what may. Then the
seed of our thought will be of faith and not of doubt. So we will be
successful in doing what we have to.
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