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Choosing the Right WebRTC Provider at the Right Price
Build voice services and in-browser calls into your web, iOS, and Android apps with the Oodles ... Oodles Web Client is the cloud horsepower behind WebRTC.
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All you need to know about using #WebRTC for #InternetOfThings application development.

Hi guys. I've been trying to record video and audio on safari and saving it on server. But it's so disappointing that morning is working on safari. Can anyone please help me out in this?

How do I access only the back camera of smartphones using Javascript WebRTC? The selfie camera I do not want, just the other camera. tks!

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Hi Guys, is there any one didn't screen sharing in webrtc native android, if yes please help me out. I am able to stream video and audio, chat, recording but can't able to stream screen sharing when we click a share button to share my screen when was in video call.

Hello. I already search and i can't find any solution... It's possible to make a one way communication between the browser and a server? I want to speak in the browser (this is done) and get the audio in the server. Any ideas?

Hey All, I am bit a new to Webrtc, have few questions. Please answer if you guys aware.

1. Can Webrtc work without internet just peer to peer with in same Local network ?
2. Can I use plain websockets for Signaling purpose ?
3. for Conference calling can the MCU be a linux machine ?
4. is STUN or TURN mandatory to use ?

your answers will help me a lot.

hello folks anyone here do have a knowledge that how to implement webrtc video chat in angular any help will be appreciated
if anyone had worked on this let me know about that
thanks in advance

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Hi folks can anyone tell me how to use turn server in my project i had never used that but recently i was working on some project of video chatting but that only working on the people who are connected with same networks and in other network everything happens call goes call recieves but video is not displaying of partners so anyone do have a solution than please help me . here is the url of the webapp which i am working on try calling in same network and in other network you will see the difference

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