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Welcome! I believe this is the first Panda Pop fandom page on Google+, but if not, please tell me. If you haven't played the mobile game, then here is the background:

A monkey takes a panda's pups hostage by entrapping them in bubbles that cannot be popped except by matching three or more bubbles of the same color, assuming they're normal, colored bubbles.

That is what the mobile game will tell you, but I will fill in some gaps for you so you don't get confused. Mama Panda is actually a demigod that is destined to marry Jesus Christ. She is the ancestor of the only pandas that are not in the monkey's captivity, which are the ones that live in clans. Her lifetime is 777 years, and she is already 205 years old, but still looks only 20 years old. I think that's enough about Mama, let's learn about pandas.

Pandas live in a mostly Christian society that also exhibits Buddhism. They can be either black, white, grey, brown or any mix of the aforementioned colors. They also can have black, white, grey or brown eyeshadows, or they can have one or no eyeshadows at all. Pandas love their pups because they are their future. They do not want a generation that never saw love to replace a loving, caring generation. That is why they fight so hard for their pups.

The monkeys, however, have no eyeshadows and can only be black or grey. They want to take as many panda pups as possible so they can torture them in various ways. The monkeys live in an atheistic, anarchic society without deep convictions, hence the torture.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That's enough of a backstory. Now here are the rules:
Three strikes and you're out, permanently or not depending on what you did. Three outs and you will be permanently banned.

No Art Theft
We do not tolerate any art theft of any kind here. Do not steal others art for it is rude and uncalled for.

NSFW/Sexual Content
Mentioning mating in your roleplays is ok, but you can't mention male genitals, feces or anus, or use images depicting sexuality.

No cussing. Remember, there is a younger audience here.

Oc Limit
Here there is no OC limit, but we do expect you to keep track of all your OC's.

Unnatural Oc's
If you happen to have unnatural Oc's please use the hashtag #UnnaturalOCCheck and then tag one of the moderators or the owner for approval. If your OC has wings, horns, etc. you may not use them in RP's.

Made up Clans
There are already enough made up clans in this community, so there is no need to add any more.

Do not make your Oc a high rank unless approved by us, mods and owner. We do have try-outs though. High ranks include medicine cat, deputy, and leader.

Prohibited Suffixes & Prefixes
No suffix of Star or moon. Only if you are a leader for "star". "Moon" is not allowed.
No prefix of "Moon", "paw", "kit", "star", "morning", "autum" or anything pandas don't know about.

You may advertise here, but only once a day.

Please do not spam the community with unrelated topics, or else you will be banned.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Other Rules
When creating an OC, you must include:
And Bio

The panda clans are #EarthClan (45% Catholic, 30% Methodist and 25% Presbyterian), #SkyClan (80% Orthodox and 20% Atheist), #WaterClan (50% Catholic, 45% Episcopal, 5% Buddhist), and #FireClan (100% Atheist).

*Our Roster is Coming on New Year's Eve*
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