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Name: Lottie

Age: 20 (human years)

Gender: female

Species: cheetah

Likes: Art, music, cooking, reading, writing, and helping others

Dislikes: evil, spiders, thunderstorms, needles (syringe)

Fighting style: Kung-fu and Taekwondo.

Friends: Po, Ping Ping, Viper, Monkey, Tigress, Mantis, Crane.

Crush: Crane

Do I live in the Jade Palace: Yes, but I used to live in the Valley of Peace.

Bio: 20 years ago, on a cold winter night, the village's librarian, who is a sheep and an ex teacher of Taekwondo, heard a knock on her door, she went to answer it, only to find a small basket with a note that said '_Take care of my little Lottie_'. She opened the basket, only to find a tiny cheetah cub inside. The Librarian carefully picked up the cub and smiled sweetly at the child, finally she could be a mother (since she was unable to have children of her own). She then took her into her home and raised Lottie as her own.

Lottie tried to become friends with the other children in the village, but they were afraid of her due to her sharp teeth and claws. Lottie felt lonely and was about to give up all hope on making any friends when she met a young girl (goose) named Ping Ping, and a boy of black and white and his name was Po. Po and Lottie were unseparable, that is until their teen years.

When Lottie and Po were hanging out by the steps of the Jade Palace, her neighbor came running to her. He told Lottie that something terrible had happened to her mother. She came running back home to find her mother gravely ill. Lottie never left her mother's side for weeks, until she died.

Lottie was devistated and fell into depression. She took over the library and plastered a smile on her face, trying not to worry the other villagers. Then one day, Lottie heard Ping Ping scream in terror. Lottie went out to investigate, only to discover that Ping Ping was being attacked by a group of jackals. Seeing this happen, and hearing Ping Ping's cries, made something inside of Lottie snap. She remembered her Taekwondo lessons from her mother and used them to defend Ping Ping from the jackals. Long story short, Lottie made the jackals run away with their tails tucked between their legs. She walked way, bewildered at what she did, unknowingly walking into Master Oogway. He had seen her 'battle' with the jackals and he sensed potential in the young cheetah so Oogway invited Lottie to live on the Jade Palace and learn the art of Kung Fu. He then introduced Lottie to Master Shifu who taught her the art of Kung Fu.
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+Tigress Ping, you are the only Tigress in the community, therefore, you are our official Tigress.

What is your name?
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