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So, as you may know G+ is allegedly shutting down in 10 months:

This has prompted a mass migration to other platforms. A bunch of RPG folks are coordinating their moves here:

A lot of folks I've seen in particular seem to migrating to MeWe.

Google does seem to have a way to export your content, though I haven't tried this advice just yet:

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What have I been doing for the past month? Trying to write this
article. What you see here is the fifth iteration or so, after I
decided to turn one article into several.

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My latest podcast Ambient music: Brainfarts by Skeleton Gwen Henchmen DF 15 Dilvish the Damned The Changing Land Some NPCs

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Anyone want to help me make Gurps Races out of a The races of PS1 platformer That is almost totally obscure?

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A good collection of posts this week! Check 'em out.
Biffed the link the first time.

Thursday is GURPSDay, and we've got a good haul today, with lots of variety. Gotta read 'em all!

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Podcast: History of Northport
Podcast: History of Northport

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Nothing says fun like role playing being back in college.

I turned myself into a Gurps Character:
Total [50] DL 160%
Stats [12]
ST 10 [0] HP 10/10 [0]
DX 10 [0] Will 11 [0]
IQ 11 [20] Per 11 [0]
HT 10 [0] FP 9/9 [-3]
Basic Lift 20 Basic Speed 4.75 [-5] Basic Move 4 [0] Basic Dodge 7
Advantages [75]
Attractive [4]
Night Vision [1]
Mathematical Ability 1 [10]
Patron (Parents; 15 or less) [30]
Resistance (Disease) +8 [5] (I caught the Rotavirus from a McDonald’s play-place when I was 2 and nearly died. However, it was a baptism by fire and I have an immune system that is nigh-impenetrable!)
High Pain Threshold [10] (I got severe road-rash from a bike accident and walked my bike back to my home. The distance was about 400 yards, completely oblivious to the pain until my father put spray antiseptic on my wounds.)
Disadvantages [-71]
Dead Broke [-25]
Absent-Minded [-15]
Truthfulness (9) [-7]
Phobia (Animatronics: 6) [-10]
Unfit [-5]
Overweight [-1]
Incompetence (Typing) (I use “pointer finger method”.) [-1]
Uncongenial [-1]
Loves Animals [-1]
Skills [36]
Engineer (Electronics)/TL8 13 [12]
Hobby Skill (Lego) 13 [12]
Mathematics (Applied)/TL8 12 [4]
Expert Skill (Mythology; Literature (Mythology), History (Pagan Civilizations), Anthropology (Humans), Archeology, Occultism) 11 [4]
Games (Video) 12 [2]
Current Affairs (Pop Culture)/TL8 11 [2]
Musical Instrument (Drums) 9 [2]
Computer Operation/TL8 11 [1]
Research/TL8 10 [1]
Pistol (Air-soft, Bolt-Action, Handheld) 10 [1]
Meditation 9 [1]

Howdy Gang!

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My latest podcast, about basic combat
Hit points
Hit points
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