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Several of you are prolific bloggers who share their GURPS-related posts with this community. There is nothing wrong with this - in fact, I encourage it.

However, because you share your blog posts with both the GURPS Community and your own personal Stream - frequently with identical introductory text - Google+ auto-flags your posts as spam. There is nothing I can do as a moderator to prevent this! All I can do is look at the flagged posts and manually make the posts re-appear - but that might be days or even weeks later.

Therefore, in order to prevent this I recommend the following procedure which seems to work (I, too, am a gaming blogger):

First share your blog entry with this Community.

Then share the post in this Community with your personal Stream.

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Fifty years ago, destiny was forged, and the future GURPS line editor, Sean Punch . . . "Dr Kromm," was born!

More seriously, happy birthday to Sean Punch on this Thursday, GURPSDay, and new release day. Check out the blogging activity over the last week, and especially check out the nice things folks are saying about working and playing with Sean today!
Thursday is GURPSDay, but today is a special day: the GURPS Line Editor, Sean Punch, turns 50. So happy birthday to Doctor Kromm. Several of us are going to be offering some retrospectives about why working with Sean is a true pleasure. In fact, one of…

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Happy #GURPSDay errr, I mean, #KrommDay !!!

Here is the latest installment of my ongoing Grand Duchy of Adventure campaign set in the #KnownWorld of #Mystara and played using #GURPS

Grand Duchy 106- The Mummy Lord Defeated!

The combat between the Grey Company and the Mummy Lord continues! The Grey Company is victorious, but sometimes the price of victory is high...


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Happy GURPS Day! I've been waiting for his one. Today, I have the last series on the Alliance that I'll do, and the first in the series on the Aristocracy. Today, I look at how noble houses work as organizations, and offer a glimpse of four of the noble houses of the Alliance. Enjoy!

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The B-Team continues the aftermath of Bowling for Bards (Ep 6) by fighting a series of single combats to decide the fate of all. We come off battered, chewed, and ultimately victorious. Plus: one of the players' single combats was a challenge to the other side to play Dungeons and Dragons. "This is an abomination," says the bad guys' minions. "Hush. I want to see how this turns out," says the opposition's leader. Gives TPK a bizarre new meaning . . .
What happened before After the bowling alley massacre, we effectively flee the scene of the fight. We’re picked up very quickly by someone we identify as a sidhe, and a powerful one at that. We try and find a place that might be tactically defensible, and…

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Massive session report, covering two episodes of The Ceteri campaign run by Christopher Rice. In Ep 6, we go bowling and then horrible things happen: a metaphorical gutter ball. Ep 7 features the aftermath of that event, where the team breaks every single rule ever invented in dealing with faerie folk.
What happened before Kamali wakes up from his seizure, and the group is attacked by zombies. Lots of zombies. Our NPC Carl finds deep reserves of courage, and just will not die. The rest of us acquit ourselves very well, but take severe wounds in the…

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A few notes on how I incorporate mysteries in my own campaigns along with some advice.

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The last Patreon post of the week (tomorrow is GURPS day and on Friday I'll do a State of the Blog post). Today, I take the rules I proposed yesterday and run them through a playtest ringer, including the standard "Starhawks vs Dreadnought" scenario, and a repeat of Monday's Dreadnought vs Dreadnought scenarios.

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Hey there. I've got another Patreon post continuing my look as Spaceships. Today, I'm introducing some new house rules and revisions in an effort to tighten up some issues I've noticed and, more importantly, to lay some ground work for improved Corvettes. If you're a Patron, check it out!
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