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Several of you are prolific bloggers who share their GURPS-related posts with this community. There is nothing wrong with this - in fact, I encourage it.

However, because you share your blog posts with both the GURPS Community and your own personal Stream - frequently with identical introductory text - Google+ auto-flags your posts as spam. There is nothing I can do as a moderator to prevent this! All I can do is look at the flagged posts and manually make the posts re-appear - but that might be days or even weeks later.

Therefore, in order to prevent this I recommend the following procedure which seems to work (I, too, am a gaming blogger):

First share your blog entry with this Community.

Then share the post in this Community with your personal Stream.

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Drone Taxis are making their launch in Dubai! It will be interesting to see what real life challenges they face getting it off of the ground.

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Some good comments on the SJG Forums led me to comment, and also consolidate some simplification thoughts I've been toying with on the Technical Grappling front - many of which were born of design choices made with play hindsight in Dungeon Grappling.

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I'm still very busy with my newborn, but my Patrons voted to release one of my tactics posts, in this case the Tactics of the Imperial Navy, which discusses how the Navy conducts its operations, including border patrols, planetary invasions, and the specifics of how they attack and fortify positions.

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The Blood is the life, but not Blud Lite - it tastes like crap. Today I talk a bit about the advantages one can use to represent a hunger for blood with a look at the game mechanics behind Dependency, Draining, and Restricted Diet along with a few new rules to buff them up and give them more concrete drawbacks.

Need some help here if possible. I've been asked to take over the my groups weekend game next weekend and I'm working 64 hours between today and Thursday. This group only meets once every six weeks and they come from all over the UK and one from Germany so the pressure is on. I'd like to run Monster Hunters but I need something solid for a two day game. Can someone point me in the right direction? I don't mind converting from a different game system but I need something that is pretty well set up.

The group doesn't play GURPS so I will pre-generate characters.

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Thursday is GURPSDay, and for those that don't know, GURPSDay started in Feb 2013 or so, as an informal thing where certain bloggers would try and get posts up, sometimes coordinated, based on GURPS on Thursday, which happens also to be SJGames' release day for new products.

About two years ago, it drew positive notice from SJGames, and diverse bloggers such as Jeffro Johnson, Merlin Avery, and a few others helped me write and run a PERL script that will pull from RSS feeds that are made known to me (at [email][/email]) and tagged or categorized "GURPS."

We're in the middle of GURPSDay's second year. And at the link below to Gaming Ballistic, you will find usually 40-60 posts each week on a very diverse set of topics.

Welcome to the second year of GURPSDay, and here’s the final pull for you guys. We’re currently drawing content from 84 blogs. Only 16 more to go until we’re pulling from 100! But we’ll need your help. How? Two action items: post more, recruit more. It’s…

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A set of interviews conducted with the +Steve Jackson Games staff and freelancers over the last few years. 
A lot of my “index pages” have gone the way of the dodo since my migration from Blogger to WordPress, and while I take time to fix that, I wanted to offer up something as a reminder and a bit of a throwback. I have conducted quite a few interviews, some…

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Today, I finish the Empire of Psi-Wars with a quick retrospective and a look at character concerns.

A head's up: This may be my last post of the week. My son was supposed to be born yesterday, and so I have something of a reprieve, but he'll come at any minute and, if he's not here by next week, they'll induce labor, I might miss a week for the first time since I began blogging in earnest in January 2016. If so, I'll see you guys in May!

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Things Get Explosive!
Sundered Lands of Palladium #27

In the latest session report of our ongoing #GURPS campaign...

The heroes press the battle with the Sea Harpies in their underground hideout. Things look good and the Sea Harpies are on the retreat and then, boom goes the dynamite! Fire and stone rain down!

My #GURPSDay post, only a day late! Never dollar short! Thanks for reading and feel free to check out any of the previous adventures leading up to this point over at It's been a great campaign so far, I think you'll agree!
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