With Assignments Matter, it helped me (and us) start with the end in mind. We had to think to about, what did we want our students to understand at the end of the assignment. From there, we worked backwards to design our task. The lesson we did was an assignment on graphing lines and showing different representations. Our plans to build up to the final project where the students have take a task and then show the five representations:
1. Graphing
2. Tabular
3. Verbal
4. Algebraically
5. With Pictures

We are dropping Barbie Dolls off the High School Stadium. We are doing backward design and the planning guide. The science dept is working together with the math curriculum to invigorate the common vernacular of the two curriculums

LDC Module was used for the 7th grade social studies curriculum to create a personal finance unit. The unit is a simulation that now has a writing portion with it now.

In eighth grade World History, we revamped an in-depth assignment that delved into Manor life in the Middle Ages. The students created the assignment on Google Slides or projects. The assignment includes writing prompts throughout the various aspects of Feudal Manor Life. It concludes with an essay that wraps up the entire assignment.

We enjoyed time to talk and really think about why we do certain activities and assignments.

The 8th grade math and science teachers went cross curricular with a "Barbie Drop" unit. The math classes will be focusing on slope and linear equations/graphs, and the science classes will be doing the actual experiments and analysis of the Barbie drop. We will be doing this unit together.

Our curriculum department took a project on feudal manors and incorporated elements of writing to help students understand the self-sufficiency of the manor system. The Assignments Matter book and program helped us to hone our writing prompts to help students build upon their knowledge.

I appreciated the time to work with my ELA friends to create a lesson that we could all use for the Bumpus Goes to Birmingham project and that worked for the Assignments Matter task jam. It was great to work new mini-tasks together and to have a focused writing assignment all planned out and focused on our last unit. We have a strong prompt that drives our unit, and several assignments/mini-tasks/graphic organizers that help us to help our students. I'm excited to try this lesson with my students.

Economic unit - personal finance, stock market, job search, insurance, and credit and debt cards.

Students will discover patterns and develop expressions from those patterns. We will tie them into the equation of a line and how lines with the same slope are parallel. We hope this will help students make connections with expressions.
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