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My reasoning behind the new VUC paradigm is described in more detail here in the article below. It is a radical change.

For interactive discussions, we have a brand new Mastodon instance at

This Google+ community has pretty much outlived its need to exist. I hope all members will consider following the new media posts at or the RSS feed

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Join VUC Mastodon
After several months of experimentation, the VUC have a brand new Mastodon Instance. You are invited to join us there:

Mastodon allows us to keep a record of comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. and you can post images during interactive sessions. You can express opinions on archived or pre-recorded episodes. Although it looks a bit like Twitter with Tweetdeck, Mastodon has a much richer feature set than Twitter.

If you want to be a part of the VUC community, which will go further than just tech, please think about registering, it takes a second and you have no obligation to post. 

Mastodon is an independent, open source, federated platform that is controlled by you and your local instance preferences.

Pro: you won't see the Twitter or Facebook political posts or family photos or events. 

Con: "Yet another thing to join!" If you don't want to be disturbed, go to the Notifications column and turn them all off. Then simply look in whenever you feel like it. If you have a new passion to share with the community, ping the VUC user and we'll follow up.

We'll still be watching IRC during live sessions.

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VUC676 for December 15th, 2017
If you missed it, audio and video are here. Thanks to +Dave Taht and +Jim Gettys for joining us. They have been working to improve bufferbloat for 6 years.

The VUC is making some changes in the next weeks. The emphasis will be less on engineering and technical aspects and more on the human side. The new feed and repository can be found by going to You'll see some of the changes reflected in the topics. In the coming weeks, there will be recorded interviews with unusual people: a television director, an investigative journalist and more.

Future topics are found here:

Making this Google+ Community was a challenge, but little by little, it seems to have died off to the point where it isn't worth trying to post weekly updates.

Questions or comments welcome.

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VUC674 Friday December 1st at Noon EST, A Primer on Cyber-Currency
+Jay Carpenter of +Desert Blockchain joins us to get you started on understanding what the buzz is about.
WE DO NOT recommend investments in cyber currency or any other form of investment. The session will be as factual as possible, but also have opinions of the participants. No one is suggesting you invest in, buy or mine the crypto-currency.

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Our talk with Dialpad co-founder Craig Walker

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Live from Lisbon
The streams from TADSummit are always great

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Friday, we welcome +Martin Geddes back to VUC (it's been a few years).

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