Can someone tell me what your district does for distributing headphones to your teachers for student use? Do you label them? Are they turned in at the end of the year? How do you go about replenishing broken ones? What kind of headphones do you supply?

Any input is greatly appreciated!

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Recently Google added a feature to the presentation mode of Google Slides that allows teachers to caption their comments during a presentation in real-time.

We have 1:1 chromebooks for our students. Can anyone tell me how they might label theirs that works? We have tried permanent marker (both black and metallic) and we even tried to use security stickers. Any suggestions are welcomed. We use Chromebook models- 303, 512, 513.

The Missouri Google Summit was amazing today!!! I came away with so many ideas to use in my classroom. #gafe18

Hi everyone. This is my 36th year teaching and still loving it! This year I teach music and reading in a new school (House of Zion) in Maryland Heights, MO. Since it's a new school and doesn't have a lot of funding (so what's new), my access to technology is somewhat limited. I'm trying to be creative. I incorporate technology into my reading lessons. I'm trying to learn ways I can use technology in my music classes.

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Does anyone have experience with any mobile device management systems to use with android devices? If so, what do you use so help push apps, wipe devices, etc.

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Attention Hapara users- Have you considered becoming a Hapara Champion? Applications for our Oct/Nov cadres are open until Oct 1st!

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Hi ya'll. Southeast Missouri here. District instruction and technology coach, Middle School and High School social studies teacher. Happy to be here :)

I'm curious on what interactive software you all use with your teachers. We at one time had smart notebook, but I'm looking for something that would possibly be free if at all possible.
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