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On behalf of the NZO, I would like to share this trailer with you, revealing the secret origins of humanity and of our most ancient myths and legends:
For 2 days only, you can also get the first volume of the Genesis Antarctica Trinity here for FREE !
These books contain the forbidden knowledge revealed in the Haakon Urn writings discovered under the Antarctic Ice in 1962 - and stifled for 50 years!. This is a story from a parallel world, brought to life by authenticated documents that make it as true as you need it to be.

Genesis Antarctica – The Origins of Humanity

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Name - Xorian

 Gender - Male

Age - 345

 Creature - Greater Griffin

 Height - 9'5

 Weight - 234 LBS


Breath Lava
Xorian has the ability to breath molten lava from his mouth, this can also be used has a seal to protect himself or others.

 Armour - Steel on his wings to protect them.

Personality -


 Bio - 

Xorian is a Greater Griffin, a nearly extinct race of Griffin, there are only five left in existance, Xorian is the only widely known Greater Griffin. He is the most wise, powerful, and deadly of them. His territory resides in a high mountain top, he will protect said territory with his life. He guards it fiercly, only leaving it to hunt. Xorian's diet usually consists of cattle, sheep, and sometimes humans and very rarely, a cockatrice if he can catch one. He can breath lava from his mouth which only Greater Griffins possess the ability to do. It is his most reliable weapon.

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//Open +Gukku+Inab 'Zjusee​.
Sorry for being late, and sorry for the short length.

The newly formed trio of the Lion, the Cockatrice and the Dragon traveled together for three days. Their designation being the end of the long valley of the lakes.

As they traveled, the mountains became smaller and less rocky and the thick oakland gave way to open hills and grassy planes.
The only real inhibition of their vision was fog. It rolled in from the North, enveloping the open land. Dew drops covered the tree branches and the air was heavy with dew.
The Lion pushed through a low hanging tree branch and was immediately showered by drops of water. Its already damp mane was now quite soaked. And its already bitter mood wasn't helped by it. It tried to shake itself off, water droplets spraying everywhere.

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//Open ( +Gukku​)

Nearly two months later, the Nemean Lion and its new companion, Gukku the Cockatrice, are nearing their first human settlement.

The Lion plodded along through the trees. They had entered a dense forest nearly a week ago and have been traveling through it continuously. The Lion remembered this forest. It had explored the wilds around here on its way to the coast when it was searching for a home so many years ago.
This particular forest filled the base of a massive valley that stretched for hundreds of miles. It was populated by numerous tribes of sprites and other fairy creatures. But the main settlement in the region was occupied by humans that patrolled and hunted the valley since time immemorial.
The human society here was a complex of warriors and shaman who valued the skills of hunting and fighting. They were as warlike as the Nemeans own people, but they cared for the forest like a mother did her child. Their leader was the King of the forest and chief entrepreneur of the region.

The Lion and Gukku skirted the edges of the valley and avoided many human patrols. They were nearing the end of the valley, having spent little time to rest and hunt. The sooner they were out, the better.
Traveling around the valley would have added at least a month of traveling. But traveling through did have its dangers. The Lion was confident that they could fend off any attackers, but it would rather not be seen. The humans were very religious and Lions did not exist here. It did not want them worshipping it as a deity.

The sun leaked in the sky when the pair of companions stopped to drink from a river that flowed deep into the valley where it and two other rivers conjoined into a massive lake.
After drinking their fill, they rested for short time, the Lion basking lazily in the sun. It was getting hungry, but it was confident they would be out of the valley into undisturbed hunting grounds soon, so it could wait. 
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Hey, as a question, anything Mythical, that would include like, Witchers and human mythos, like, mutated humans and the like? Just a question since the games and the books are based off Polish mythos.

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The Nemean Lion woke up from its midday nap on the shores of its homeland. It resided far from any human settlement or civilization and so its Kingdom was vast. It stretched up and down the coast for miles and extended inland for many miles more. All beasts of the wild that resided therein were prey for its hunt and food for its feast.

But it was concerned with neither at the moment, for it had already feasted that day and its thrill and excitement were expended on a much different hunt. Today was the day, its greatest hunt would begin. The hunt for a name and a purpose.

The waves pounded peacefully on the beach and a refreshing breeze ruffled the Lion's mane and cooled its fur coat. It stood, looming nearly ten feet tall, and gently shook the sand from its body and padded down to the where the sand was wet from the waves, but not covered in water.
The breeze brought the scent of salty ocean water and alivened the Lion's nostrils. It padded and pressed on the cool soaked sand, flexing its paw and letting the sand tickle its fur. It peered down the coast somewhat saddened. It would be quite some time till it returned here to its home. If at all.

It desperately loved its home, and it loved the sound of the waves and the coolness of the air most of all. But this had to be done.
If it didn't find a name, it would wither away and its animal instincts might take over and it would be lost. With that in mind, it turned and began to tread slowly up the beach. It reached the crest of the dune and turned to take one last look at the peaceful scenary before continuing down the other side and out of the sight of the ocean.

Hours later, the sun began to set behind the Lion, back towards the ocean. It was still well within its territory and deep withing a forest. If it kept going at this pace, it would reach the fringes of its land by the next morning. But it decided to stop and rest and hunt, for it felt hunger creeping upon it.

It raised its snout into the air, trying to pick out a scent. Seconds passed and the smell of prey wafted into its nostrils. But the great and intelligent Lion was confused. It caught scent of of something else. Something it had never smelled before. Curious, it crouched low to the ground and stalked through the trees towards this unknown thing. It crawled through the tall underbrush, silent as death itself and came upon its new quarry. Unseen in the bushes, the Lion observed the new creature closely and curiously.

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Gukku was asleep atop a boulder, surrounded by grass and the sun bathing the cockatrice's feathers and scales in a warm, comforting light. It was at that moment a mouse crept up on Gukku's boulder and examined the cockatrice. It scurried cautiously across his scales and up his neck towards his sharp, curved beak. Fortunately for the mouse, Gukku was a heavy sleeper. He shifted slightly and the mouse moved away back to the grass, continuing on its own little journey. Gukku was in fact woken, however, when the thudding of footsteps approached him. He looked up from his slumber to see...

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((Because I'm indecisive af, I made a new character.))














Sfoneflesh - Gukku looks his prey in the eye and turns them to stone. However, this only works on creatures of equal or smaller size.


Stoneflesh Ability
Sharp Teeth






Gukku is a cockatrice residing in the forest surronding a small ruined town. He guards his territory fiercly, and the woodland surrounding his lair is dotted with statues of rats, birds, mice, lizards and other small creatures. Gukku's carniverous diet consists of fish, mice, rats and lizards which he chooses not to turn to stone with his lethal Stoneflesh ability which every cockatrice possesses.

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