Hey guys I woke up way to early today. So since I am a huge anime fan I'll tell you watched I have watched and what I am watching!

-Fairy Tail
-Blue Exorcist
-Angel Beats
-Mirai Nikki
-Dragon Ball
-Dragon Ball Z
-Dragon Ball GT
-Dragon Ball Super
-Corpse Party
-Sakura Trick

What I am watching:
-Elfen Lied
-Love Live!! School Idol Project

Yep... I know it's a lot... I don't recommend all of them if you 13 or under but I watch them and I am 13 so... Ya...

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Name: Jolene Okumura
Gender: Female (Duh!)
Age: 18
Parents: Rin Okumura and Shiemi Moriyama
Show ur parents are from: Blue Exorcist (heart eyes)
Weapon (Magic Counts): Rin's Powers
Personality: Like both parents
Love: Idek yet

My looks is the picture! And we will start to rp when we have at least 3 members or people that are going to rp (Including me)

Requirements for the OC (I had to make a new one bc I forgot something and I was too lazy to edit the other one):

Show ur parents are from
Weapon (Magic Counts)
And picture of looks (It can be a genderbend of one of your parents/character)
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