Kaya: flies in, a hood covering her horn with her hood h-hello?
(open to whoever's here)

Have I posted an oc? XD

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name:mark age: 16 species: alcorn cutie mar: game contoler des: mark is a  good freind wenn you meet him hes into any thing

Name: starlight gleaming(likes to go by stars)



Colours: black, with small silver dots littered along her coat, with a long silver mane and a glowing silver tail

Job occupation: she's often helping fluttershy with the animals


Species: Pegasus

Sexual orientation: bisexual

Parents: moondust and nightmare

Cutie Mark: a wolf, with eyes wide and it's ears down against it's head

Alright... it seems that this place is dead... so this is a message to all members who are still active... i'm going to be... starting this community back.... up... so yeah... hopefully... ya'll will join me... it seems the owner has left... so i'll just be a mod from now on... K...? i hope we have a lot of fun together...

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Name:Rainbow Flashover
Height:average pony height
Parents:I'm the daughter of Chief Fire Shield of the Ponyville Fire Department and Dr Wing Cross of the Ponyville General Hospital 
Cutie Mark:Fire Department sign 
Bio:I was best friends with Princess Luna then she ran away.I've been firefighting for almost a year now and I'm still waiting for my brother to return home from war.
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you see a gray pegasus mare with a red mane and tail flying around town ((Open to anyone that is still here)

A mare with a white coat covered in ash walks through town.... Her bright yellow eyes looking around. She looks a though she's trying not to be obvious that she's just done something.... You recognize her from a wanted poster, she has a rather large bounty on her head.... What would a shiny bit like her be walking around here for? No matter.... She can bring great wealth to you alive, slightly less if dead. Her eyes then meet yours and she stops. ((Closed, +Nathan Boswell))

some pony wanna rp??

why does evry one ingore me
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