Is there hope for a comeback of Play Grid?

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Theme Updates
Hi Everyone. I've been heads down working on updates to PlayGrid for our new game (linked below). So I apologize for not being very active here in a while. I did want to let everyone know that I've updated the themes so that the navigation is at the top instead of the left side. As well as a few other cosmetic changes. 

If you are having any issues with your theme or layout, please let me know.

- Daron

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PlayGridMC v3.05

The PlayGridMC plugin, v3.05, is now compatible with 1.8+ servers. 

You can download it from you your Admin panel at '/admin/plugins/minecraft/'

It is also available on

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New landing page and pricing table
We're making the transition from PlayGrid as a Minecraft backend to becoming a backend for any type of online game. So I want to introduce our new landing page that's designed to communicate our features to anyone who wants to use PlayGrid to run their server based game.

As part of this, we developed a pricing table so visitors can find out how we intend to charge for using Playgrid. The goal with the pricing is that most minecraft server operators can get by just fine with the free plan. 

Also, we're not charging for anything yet - or restricting any features based on plan. We still need to add that functionality. And also as I've promised, anyone who's already using PlayGrid will get grandfathered in on the Pro plan free of charge... Unless of course your server is super popular and generates a lot of traffic - then we will work something out.

I'd love to get your feedback on the site and the pricing structure.


is there any color support for MOTD?

New Admin Navigation

We are busy updating PlayGrid to fulfill its mission to be a general purpose back-end as a service for any type of online game. To that end, we've just pushed a new update to the site that is a major reorganization of admin navigation. I'm hoping the new navigation will be fairly self explanatory but feel free to post here if you can't find something or have other questions.

- Daron

*New Theme Editor! - and more... *

We've pushed a new update to PlayGrid that has a number of important enhancements:

- You can now customize any of the available site themes. Go to your site settings and you will see a link to open the theme editor

- Forum permissions: now you can restrict forums to any membership group or entitlement 

- Page permissions: same goes for any page

- The admin now uses the superhero theme (regardless of your front-end theme)

- SSL now enabled for all admin pages to protect your data.

bonjour es-qu’il serai possible de mettre le mode de payement par allo pass et star pass car les personne de mon serveur le réclament 

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Problem: Says in-game that I need to check my email for verification instructions.

I incorrectly entered my email address in game (Using /register) and so I went the long way round of adding a player to a forum/website account (Going to the verification server and entering the code) however, this (See link) still shows up whenever I go in-game.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Announcing Themes!

Okay, so we've had themes for a while but simply saying that we have new themes didn't really capture how big of an improvement this is. We have completely reworked our html and css to make it easy to add new themes. In fact, we got our current set of themes from here:  In fact, if there is a theme on bootswatch that you want us to add, just let us know.

We are also excited about this because this new theme system is an important step towards enabling custom user themes - a popular request that we are working on now.

So check out the new themes and let us know if you run into any styling issues.

- Daron
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