Sorry I had`t uploaded anything lately, I guess one video I uploaded wasn't enough for all of ya... I really am sorry to say this, but the first ep of the series will me moved to a different day because I just got an ear infection and it is bothering me like crazy right now and in the future.

Thank you for understanding

Loganna Gaming Loganna126

Get ready people my minecraft videos are coming out! Keep in touch with my Youtube and learn more about Crippar (Crip), the villagers like the mom and other and other characters! My updates and other stuff! You will be surprised of why you see and what happens! THIS TOOK ME LIKE FEW MONTHS TO MAKE THIS! Hope you like the uploads. =)

This will take a few days to get o the first part of the sorry... I made a video yesterday, but my storage was almost full and when I put it in my gallery it was not working AT ALL! Sooooo.... that means gonna have to wait longer... other reasons are school, homework, band?, Karate, in the spring is track unless I don`t like it, hanging out with friends, doing art to take some breaks or whatever because I don't care about if this is late, and other crap is going on.

anyway give me some time I need to wright or think of some lines for this minecraft stuff. oh and the other is I may upload some weird crappy stuff like draw my like or whatever, bu keep looking in this Community becase I give updates or post my minecraft videos daily... well not the minecraft stuff, but you all know what I mean! =]

haha well bye for now!

Loganna Gaming Loganna126
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