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104 People Were Brutally Shot Down in a Pub; 49 Murdered; and Six May Still Die

One person walks into a gay pub armed with enough ammo to shoot 104 people up to four times each before he was taken down by police, and our politicians are worried about semantics. Do we call it a mass shooting, a lone gunman with mental issues or a terrorist attack? I don't believe any of these words are the problem. In my opinion, it is the action of Jihad that is the problem since it's a chicken-shit excuse to massacre people that in this case the murderer wished he could be.
As more information comes out about this cold-blooded freak, it seems very apparent he was a closeted gay man with a strict Islamic and Muslim upbringing, largely due to his stern father, that kept him from coming out. And so as a hidden homo, he used jihad and Isis as an excuse to wipe out those who so freely lived the life he so badly wished he could. Yes he was unstable, and coupled with jealously of these people, he made his "religion" an excuse to launch Jihad on an innocent, unsuspecting packed crowd.
I believe it will come out that he did not act alone either. Already we see his wife knew of he Jihad on the brain and had even gone with him to stake out the night club. She must have known he was gay, and perhaps her motives for going along with him (which she did since she did not stop him) was because she was angry that as a Muslim herself, she married a gay man and wanted him and the others to pay. That is a possibility.
Regardless of the actual precise reasons for this massacre and others like them, it is the Muslim community that bares the most responsibility for spotting these Jihadists and turning them in. From that one little Mosque, for instance, three murderers committed Jihad (including the wife since she knew and did nothing). There had to have been people there who knew or at the minimum saw the changes in the personalities of the three. I believe had they monitored their members on the edge like that, such as making surprise visits to their homes and work on a consistent basis and asked straight out are you planning some type of Jihad attack, someone may have seen enough to have called the authorities, This especially knowing he was already on the FBI watch list for his association with the suicide bomber.
These seems like an obvious step to at least help the problem, but I have yet to hear one Muslim say they will do a better job of looking out for members who seem to be on the edge. The only thing I ever hear is them saying we are not all like that. Well, duh, but there are too many mass murderers coming out of the Muslim community in the name of Jihad or Isis for them to keep denying their religion has nothing to do with the problem. It does!
Because they are not monitoring their own, my suggestion is this: have undercovers go into every Mosque to monitor them; enforce the already written laws that if you know of a crime and don't report it you are just as culpable as the one who commits it and to have stronger background checks when someone goes to purchase a gun. That this guy was on the FBI watch list should have disqualified him from owning and purchasing a gun. Yes there are other ways to get guns on the black market, but enough of these mass killings have shown us that they are going the easy route and purchasing them legally. It is at least one more cog in the wheel of their plan.
For all the friends and families of those who lost their lives, my heart goes out to you, as to all those who were injured or there that day. No one will ever forget Orlando.

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This buck learned running from a hunter w a sighted gun is futile, so in order to live he appealed to the hunter w love.

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