If anyone's got any requests for a room then please do the character sign up and then post a request asking for a room

Rule 1:Employees or not you still cannot force people to roleplay with you
Rule 2:Keep everything you post rated T or below because this is a community for people of all ages
Rule 3:Do not be rude when you arent roleplaying
Rule 4:If you a moderator only ban rulebreakers
Rule 5:Roleplay
Rule 6:Keep all violence mild
Rule 7:You must be roleplaying as someone so sign up before roleplaying
Rule 8:if you request a bedroom from me then your bedroom will look the same as everyone else's bedrooms well those who requested a bedroom from me so that's why if you requested a bedroom you will receive a bedroom number


Please post something in this group

Welcome to my house please sign up and then make yourselves at home

Scootaloo the filly's room number is 320

Someone please sign up and roleplay
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