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Thanks to Antonio for helping setup a test site on Tapatalk! We tried Lifecloud, Wordpress, and Blogger and this seems the best so far. Let me know what you think and if everyone is happy with it, that's where we'll go. If you use Google to authenticate, your existing posts and comments will automatically map over.

So I have 272,000 points at Lake Geneva, Smoky Mountain and South Beach. I bought these back in 2010-2011. What is the best way to get to 300,000 for elite status without spending a small fortune? Thanks.

Just purchased a strange Lake Geneva unit - 7760 MCV points. Normally these units are in multiples of 500 points (6250 HICV points at 12.5:1 ratio). I thought this might be a typo, but that's really what the deed says.

As you may have heard, Google+ is being discontinued in April. I am actively looking for a new home and open to suggestions - I exported a snapshot of the full community content via Google Takeout, and I can provide a link to anyone who is interested in helping us find a new home. What I am hoping for is that as we get closer to the end, a site with a similar look and feel will be found with a super easy import feature. At some point in April, we'll go with whatever the most comparable alternative is, and I'd be glad to have anyone actively involved in the development of the new site as a co-owner.

If anyone is interested in selling their Holiday Inn Desert Club 2 bedroom unit please let me know.

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Can you share the latest HICV inventory you have for points? I am looking to buy at South Beach, Smoky Mountains, or Lake Geneva. I saw a few ads that seemed reasonable (when they are accurate and up-to-date) on, but they charge a lot for closing costs ($1500-$1800).

New 2019 Member guide is out (you can see it by clicking on the splash page that announces the new 2018 member guide - nice webpage work!)

Here is the list of changes I noticed. most significant ones in my opinion: Addition of the new 'Platinum' levels for those who purchase into the UDI, and addition of 'Studio' rooms to two of the resorts.

Pages refer to new member guide

Inspirational photos changed throughout the guide.

Page 5 – Dropped membership tip to go to

New member guide dropped info on IHG and Holiday Inn Brands (pages 8-11 of old guide)

Page 15 – Dropped “And more!” from the membership tips

New guide dropped old page 22 regarding HICV points value

New guide moved the PointShield page

Page 25 – Clarified you must call a vacation counselor to cancel

Page 28 – Renting points page dropped the membership levels and added an example. Apparently can no longer rent 60-100% of club points based on higher levels

Pages 33-41 – All new Platinum levels of ownership benefits. No reference to old membership tiers.

Pages 42 – 101 – Resort details. Include minor updates throughout. (Like Orange Lake no longer lists Currents Café for shopping, Legacy Sports bar and Grill for dining)

Page 67 – Fox River resort added a ‘Studio’ room that wasn’t there before. Also added a Subway, Nature trails, RV Campsites, 7 acre lake with fishing, pedal boats, and canoe rentals.

Page 69 – Oak n Spruce added Movie theater, Arcade and Pool table

Page 71 – Holiday Hills dropped 18-hole disc golf

Page 73 – Timber Creek Dropped Horseback trail rides but added ‘Nature trail’

Page 77 – Desert Club dropped shuffleboard.

Page 81 – Smoke Mountain added ‘Family Center’

Page 83 – Hill Country added a pool table to the arcade

Page 85 – Piney Shores added a ‘studio’ room option that wasn’t there before. Also shuffled the amenities list, but I don’t think they changed anything.

Page 87 – Holly Lake – no longer list the 18 hole championship golf course. Also dropped the 9 hole disc golf course.

Page 89 – Lake o the woods – Added a 9 hole disc golf course.

Page 95 – Galveston Seaside – Added picnic tables and grills

Page 99 – Williamsburg – Added an ‘activity center’. Removed locker rooms from the fitness center

Page 101 – Lake Geneva – Added Barbecue grills. Also added two more shopping options.

Page 106 – Added wording regarding ‘platinum’ levels and Diamond Platinum level.

Page 110-111 – Cape Canaveral Signature is new.

Page 115 – Sunset Cove added ‘Game Room’

Page 126-127 – Williamsburg Signature pages look different than before, but the content seems mostly the same. Added ‘Reserve Extras’ which looks like all other resorts now.

Page 140-141 – Minor changes to Club Partner pages. Added ‘Select Club Member Events’ description.

Page 145 – Added that as a HICV member you obtain IHG Platinum status by exchanging points from HICV into IHG.

Pages 147 – 157 – Updated details on IHG brands (# of hotels). Added Kimpton brand into list.

Pages 160 – 179 – Fine prints changes. Read for your own enjoyment.

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Maybe others already saw this, but it was news to me:

Orange Lake Resorts happy to announce the acquisition of the historic 1862 David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Genoa, Nevada from 1862, LLC and other affiliates of Summer Winds Resorts

Looks like an interesting location, and decent reviews.

We just got a letter saying that our bonus time was going to start incurring charges for stays? For example our free M-F will now be $25 per night and our $49.95 F-S is increasing to $75. We are former Silver Leaf Owners. Those prices are in our deeds. Can they do that? Anyone else get the letter?

Is it possible to pay maintenance fees with points? Thank you.
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