I am new

Telling yall somethin i am going to be making a clan on Call of Duty: Black Ops for PS3. if you want to join, my pen name is crazycooter100. Thanks. BTW its a Clone Team.

If any Troopers are still active call in as soon as possible

I am the Darth Bane that was the owner of this commity I am sorry I left I lost all internet for the longest time. once agin I'm sorry. 

i am leving  guys   good bye

Hey, could you make my alt +Supreme Chancellor Bacara Skirata a moderator? I'll be closing this account soon and just using him from now on.

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Ready all the troopers! We are going to war! +Van Zan Siegfried  will be leading the war. I need all troopers back here today at 4:00am. 
The war
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Operation 4- corellia return

I am sorry to say but for a resents meeting we have to move our training site to Korriban. If you have something to say talk to +Van Zan Siegfried 
AKA Darth Revan

I talked to the sith council. And we have disused to start up the Dark Troopers Project again. We will start building them soon we will still need flesh troopers. But we will also have the Dark Troopers. 
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