Name: Middaymoone
Gender: female
Age: 13 moons
Rank: loner
Appearance: orange whith white and yellow stripes and green eyes.

Middaymoone comes out of her den, yawning. Sits down, enjoying the very quiet and peaceful sounds of nature. She hears a sudden screech, which makes her jump. She hears the screech again and again. Rolling her eyes, she sets out to see where the screech is coming from

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Its ok,you can close it...
No! Dont close it!

((open rp!))
Shadow (r shadowheart if u prefer) Walks around the abandoned house wondering if she will ever join a clan.
"UGH i just cant decide! This is my home and if i join a clan i lose the house but if i dont join a clan i will have to stay here where two legs come in!"
just then a twoleg comes in and picks up Shadow
((decide what comes next i cant think of anything :l))

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Name: ShadowHeart (her nick name is Shadow)
Age: 16 moons
Gender: She-Cat
Rank: None.
Clan: No clan she lives in the abandoned house
Appearence: (she has a marking where her heart is its shown in the picture)
Personality; Charming sweet shy  fast   clever 
Backstory: She was  a alley cat until she found the abandoned house 
she is small for a 15 moon old cat but she is
very smart.

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Name: Midnightstar
Age: 20 moons
Gender: she-cat
Rank: Leader
Clan: Moonclan 
Appearance: (without the wings)

Lil wanders around, searching for clue as to where her owners are

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Name: Bone/Boneshade
Clan: destined to be in smokeclan
Rank: warrior
Appearance: see picture
Personality: quick thinking, clever, obnoxious, sometimes a little crazy
Backstory: Ever since she was a kit Bone has been a rogue (oh yea btw gender: female). She hated other rogues ever since one killed her family right before her eyes. She roams alone through clan territory, searching for a home and making temporary dens along the way.

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Name: Mistshade
Age: 22 moons
Gender: Female
Clan: Moonclan
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Quiet, never talks much, and loves playing with kits in her clan.
Mate: None
Kits: None

Name: Star
Gender: Female
Age: 18 moons
Clan: none
Rank: Rogue
Appearance: See picture
Personality: Evil, fierce, good fighter
Backstory: Mother was once in an evil band of rogues but left before her kits were born. All of her siblings and her mom died in an attack. She has been trying to get her revenge since.
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