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#Udemy July Sitewide #3- iOS Sale

Start Date: 07/24/17 12:00AM PST
End Date: 08/01//17 12:00AM PST
Discount: All users will see $10 across the whole Udemy site

"With the help of our awesome instructors, Udemy released 28 courses in 13 different languages focused on iOS 11 Mobile Development today."

On a related note: "The end of the month brings higher conversions so make sure you don't miss out." Always send out promo emails the end of the month. Many people still get paid n the 31st and the money burns a hole in their wallet. 

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How Do I Create A Digital Marketing Plan For A Fashion Brand?

Same strategy will apply to any digital product, so if you have struggled creating plans in the past, then have a read of this... #ns

Payoneer payments on Udemy

I just found out that we can get Udemy payouts to Payoneer accounts now. This can make a difference if your bank account is not in USD.

Payoneer claim to transfer at the bank exchange rate and charge a flat rate fee of 2%, so that would be a $100 fee if transferring $5000 (I don't have an account to verify this yet).

I just checked Paypal and I get $141 less than the bank exchange rate to withdraw $5000 to my UK bank account. (5000 USD = 3847 GBP, Paypal will give me 3739 GBP).

If Udemy is a main source of income for you then Paypal are taking very large hidden fees from you. Payoneer will too... just not as much and they're more upfront about the charges.

I'm still figuring out the best way to avoid bank fees, looks like switching from Paypal to Payoneer for Udemy payouts might be a start though.

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Hi All, I am running a workshop next month in Lismore, NSW, Australia. The post speaks for itself, but for more information you can visit the Beacon Social Media website at
The next social media workshop will be held in Lismore, NSW. Bookings are now being taken through the website.

New Rules For Udemy Affiliates

This email is to notify you that on August 1st, 2017, Udemy will be updating its Affiliate Terms & Conditions. Although Rakuten Linkshare will be sending you an email notice, pointing out all of the major differences between our old terms and our revised ones, we thought we'd give you a heads up first.

To make it as easy as possible for you, here are the upcoming Terms & Conditions available for your perusal. Additionally, some of the clauses that all Udemy affiliates need to be mindful of are:

As an affiliate, you cannot use our brand name in the domain of their website or social media pages used to promote Udemy. We encourage you to create your own brand and include Udemy as part of the merchants you partner with to monetize your traffic.

To remain compliant with FTC guidelines, you must disclose your relationship with Udemy in your promotions by adding a disclosure at the beginning or footer of your content or use hashtags commonly known to consumers such as #ad or #sponsored to any social media promotions that include affiliate links.

Paid advertising that directly links to is not allowed to affiliates. Paid ads need to land on your site first. Use of our branded keywords in any paid ads is not allowed either, unless you are directly approached by Udemy with permission to do this.

After August 1st, if you agree with the new Affiliate Terms & Conditions, you do not have to do anything and can continue promoting Udemy as usual.

If you do not agree with the new Affiliate Terms & Conditions, you can remove your publisher account from the Udemy affiliate program by clicking "Remove" on Udemy (Under Programs > My Advertisers on your Rakuten Linkshare account).


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A great article on the effects of comparison on social media for business. 
Comparison On Social Media

Why is this such an important topic for us to talk about? Part 1 of a 3 part series on how comparison plays out in the world of social media - to all of our detriment. A great read. 

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A month on Steemit. I know many in here have considered the platform so I thought my most recent post might be enlightening

Is #Steemit an option for established Bloggers?

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The Skillshare "New teacher bonus" has changed several times. It appears that it's changed once again. Now they will match what you earn in your first month, up to $100...
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