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The Bad News: We Are Shutting This Group Down

Google had decided that it is going to close down the free public version of Google+ over the next 10 months, so this group is closing down!

The Good News: We Are Moving

We are moving the group over to Facebook in the short to medium term, so you can join the group over there!

So pop in and say hi in the new group when you have a moment:

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My 22 Year Old Daughter Has Just Create A Brand New Digital Asset...

She has opened a new shop on Etsy selling Bible Printables!

What Are Printables?

Printables are digital files you can print and come in many types and styles...

How Does She Do It?

She creates her designs in Adobe Illustrator, then uploads her designs, the customer buys them and then prints them on their own printer and frames them.

Skipping The Supply Chain:

By doing this she skips the middle man, no real world shop is needed, so she sells direct to the consumer, reduces costs and reaches an international market.

The Shop Is The Asset:

She is currently stocking the shop with new designs but when she is finished that 'shop' will be her digital asset...

Once she has done that, she will create another shop selling different types of printables.

Check Out Her Shop:

Check her shop out here and if you are interested in buying an item and supporting her, you can get 50% off with this coupon code:

Click on this link to view the shop and activate the offer:

~ Mark Timberlake

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Secure your own record contract

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New FREE Course

Simplified explanations of the complex STEEM Cyrptocurrency Ecosystem


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Review Coupons Available

I have launched a new Excel Course and I have some FREE review coupons available

Hope you enjoy the course and I am looking forward to your feedback

If I want to communicate with my udemy students like a weekly call, what are my options ? Can I do a webinar using everWebinar or google hangouts ? This is my first time so I m clueless. Please help!!!i don’t want to break any udemy rules.

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Brand New Course!

Sales & Negotiation Skills - Business Development Masterclass:

Have you ever wanted to learn how to negotiate and sell your ideas or products?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to manage your emotions when in a discussion sales situation?

This course will take you step by step through the process of acquiring the skills to succeed in negotiation situations and sell your products and ideas to the world!


Get This $199 Course For The Launch Price Of $9.99:

Grab your copy (Only 20 coupons available) of the Masterclass on Udemy here:

Sales & Negotiation Skills - Business Development Masterclass


Do You Want To Learn How To Sell Your Own Ideas And Products?

There is no mountain that you cannot climb, if you master the art of selling.
There are so many opportunities in life that are missed because people don’t develop good sales skills.

Over 8 Months In The Making:

This course has taken 8 months to create, is over 12 hours in length with nearly 300 individual lessons...

...This is not just a run of the mill course, but a masterclass that will help you sell your ideas and products to the world.

It contains genuinely unique content that you will not find anywhere else and systems developed for this course alone.

What You Will Learn In This Brand New Course:

You will learn how to master the sales process.
You will learn how to develop a sales strategy.
You will learn how to manage your own emotions in a sales situation.
You will learn how to find prospects to sell to.
You will learn how to read your prospects.
You will learn how to negotiate successfully.
You will learn how to handle objections.
You will also learn how to close the sale.
You will also learn how to leverage your contacts so you can sell to the same prospects again and again.

See You On The Other Side!

I look forward to seeing you in the course...

~ Mark Timberlake

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Are you facing difficulties in kissing the success you always crave for? See how I managed to make it happen.👇
YOURSTORY" published my story which is ranking on google now, under the title of "Harry shows how to overcome difficulties and build a successful business".

You would love to read it here .
Share it with someone you know facing a hard time due to lack of finances, education or any resource in life. That should never be an excuse to achieve your dream.

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Well, seems rather problematic! What will we do with this community and the rest of them??

Has anyone worked with any online course providers and had to fill in U.S. tax forms as part of this (when not a U.S. citizen). Any advice on how this all works?
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