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Brotherhood Of Steel

Hey, guys, I'm new here, but I'm currently level 17 on Fallout4, i have Justice, the Cryolator (common glitch), and the minigun, an unfinished T-51 power armor and the T-45 power armor, and I currently cant pass the Covenant mission because on the part i have to talk to Jacob. yeah, I cant do that. He's dead. Super Mutant shot him. anyway i can still pass the mission without killing everyone in Covenant?

Fallout 4 AUTOMATRON DLC Gameplay with Subscribers. You guys get to help create our robot in Fallout and explore the suspicious enemy Bot that awaits. Join us in the chat and have fun! :) 

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A LOT of videos would've been posted today, but NONE like this!
Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Gameplay - Ada's Sexual Innuendos.
My videos are always comedy based and this is no exception! Take a watch of the new DLC action and let me know what you've been doing too!
You can even see Ada have her turn at the CASTING COUCH. Yes lads, the casting couch.

Been gone for a while and I am baaaaaaaack!  Going to start replaying fallout 4 and make some vids. thanks for invite to this community

Streaming a Deathclaw Hunt on FALLOUT 4, March 12th. :)
Come join us in some subscriber battles of Division and Battlefront.

Post has attachment Thanks for support everyone i love you all ,if you guys got any question for free to ask PLEASE Support this video with your LIKE & Comment and subscribe and tell your friends- Thanks!

Post has attachment If You Like The Video Don't Forget To Subscribe me :) great game

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Streaming FALLOUT 4 MARCH 1st about 3:30 to 5:00 on my NEW channel. Come join us for the hunt for enemies and friends! :) If you can get me a bigger Gaming audience, please, It would be much appreciated. See you!
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