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Makiko Sakurai

Real Name: Yumi Akuma

Gender: female ( can be futa )

Spices: Demon

Age: over 3000

Height: 167cm

Weight: 54 kg ( normal ) 98 kg ( eat someone )

Seme/Seke/Uke: Seke


Fake: Kind, Caring, Shy when around her victims

Ture: Heartless, Careless, Slightly playful, when showing her ture colours,

Likes: Yumi enjoying feeding humans, being powerful, teasing lover, making 'love', rough boys as slowly breaking, red wine, force feeding victims

Dislike: victims escaping, victims given up easily, classical music, being board,


Yumi was a demon that feeds on human over 3000 years, keeping herself young and beautiful. She continued feeding on human to places to places.


Pic1: Yumi 《 Her demon form 》

Pic2: Makiko 《 Yumi human form 》


Role Play:

Demon x Human 《 prey or pred 》

Teacher x Student 《 prey or pred 》
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Hight:6 ft1


Likes:nice preds able to enter and leave the preds body when we wants soft vore unbirth tail vore anal vore and unbirth

Hates: mean preds traped to be digested hard vore

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Name: shin
Age: 17
Likes: all forms of vore and pain
Dislikes: spicy food
Ability: regeration
Bio: lost and forgotten by my pack tries to find someone how would love him

Shin is sitting in a forest bored and hungry
( +DJBlue13​)

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Thanks for da invite (imma dude btw)
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