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"Welcome to a time long forgotten by many."
Thats what most people would start out with. But since this isn't most communities, I'll make this unique. This community is based for futal japan. So i better not see any of that technology bullshit mentioned in any RP's. I'll start with rules.


1) Only humans. This is futal japan. The only supernatural thing here is the damn steam engine.

2) No bullying. I don't tollerate it.

3) No op oc's. If your oc is a swordsman, then cool, no biggy. But if your profile says he's the best in japan then we are gonna have a beef. So i shouldn't be reminding anyone of this rule.

4) No auto hitting. That also means your oc can't dodge every hit. If anyone has a problem with it, talk to me.

5) No badmouthing mods or owners. They gotta follow these rules too. So tag me if there is any corruption.

6) You get three strikes. It renews every week. But if i gotta check you three times in one week, your out.

7) No hentai. I allow intimate relacionships between oc, but if hentai is wanted take it to the hangout chat. Nobody wants to read that.

8) Don't ask for mod. Every month I plan on hand picking a mod. I judge by how active the person is and how qualified they are.

9) No guns.

10) Ask your questions. if your not sure about something, just ask.

11) Lastly. Be active. Please make a profile within the first week of joining. In special cases i will give more time.

12) *Can't start out as master of anything.*

Now for the profile template. I ask that you please copy and paste this for it will be best to just have all this. You can have more, but these are the minimum requirments.





Sexual Orientation:






Bio: ((Please be discriptive.))

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