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Registration opens today for LocalGovCamp unconference & fringe events in Bristol on 15-16 September! Request for your free place at

More information at

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The psychology of rejection

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For the next fortnight the Wales Audit Office are involved in the Festival of Behaviour Change that's taking place in Bangor. Some of the sessions may be of interest to you, particularly the session on The use of Technology in the Pursuit of Behaviour Change. You can follow or contribute to the discussions on Twitter using #behfest16 

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It's been a great 12 years but it's time for me to say goodbye to local government

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Against seamless services

This made me ponder. I thought it was an interesting read, but I wondered if it's based on a flawed premise...?

I agree that as well as providing easy ways to report via our own online services, it would also be a Good Thing to use open standards to enable reporting via other developers' apps (a bit like the way that TfL provide open data feeds so that developers can use TfL's real time data for their own apps).

But the missing detail here is that mySociety charge councils to integrate with Fix My Street ( So, if we paid for that, should we also pay any other external app developer to do the same with their reporting app?

My feeling is that the best approach would be more like:

- providing easy online access via web based services that we provide (not apps
- and also providing APIs so that external developers can connect to our services for their apps, at their cost

What do others think? Am I missing something?

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Yesterday there were two things I was very glad to be part of.

The first was publishing the Local Government Digital Service Standard and the second was taking part in a service assessment of two of Buckinghamshire County Council's exemplar digital services.

I've done some experiments with aggregating website data from multiple (well 2 actually) local authorities.

I'd really appreciate any thoughts people here have

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The beta for the new Bradford Council website is live. Feedback is welcome.

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We've started work on our new website. It would be good to get feedback from you wise people once we have something public to show. There is a prototype site, but it's only visible internally at the moment:
We have publicly blogged about it though:
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