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Colorectal cancer rates are rising in young adults. Knowing these warning signs could save your life.

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LIVE... listen to stream now... +Diors Poetic Playhouse 

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My kind of date night! 🌹💘

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What’s unquestionable is that a healthy gut barrier depends on:
balanced intestinal bacteria (our gut contains about 3-4 pounds of bacteria);
intact mucosa (our gut lining replaces itself every 3-7 days); and
a healthy immune system (almost 70% of our immune system cells live in or around the gut).
If any of these are unstable, your gut won’t be happy – and neither will you.
Our gut bacteria: Hard-working cells
Factoid: You have more bacteria in your gut than cells in your body!
Bacteria can be classed as harmful or helpful. Beneficial bacteria are like busy tourists in our guts. They come and go. We don’t have a permanent supply, so for a vibrant gut “economy,” we need to continually replenish them via diet.
Our gut bacteria vary depending on age, gender, diet, geography, hygiene, stress and medication use. Birthing method (C-section vs. vaginal delivery) and first foods (breast milk vs. formula) can also determine what bacteria colonize our gut, with breast milk being an “immunological asset,” because it generally increases the number of friendly bacteria.
Beneficial gut bacteria help manufacture vitamins (B12, K, B6, B5, B3, folate and biotin), enhance absorption of minerals, fight off pathogens, digest food, and metabolize drugs. They even influence total body metabolism!
Balancing beneficial bacteria
Using antibiotics can eliminate beneficial bacteria in our gut, creating a prime environment for yeast (Candida albicans) growth. Candida, in turn, can provoke inflammation and symptoms associated with IBS. (However, as contradictory as this may seem, antibiotics are sometimes used to treat IBS symptoms.)
Reduced beneficial bacteria can also occur with low iron levels and/or a low carbohydrate diet. At the same time, excessive carbohydrate consumption can contribute to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (the bad kind), aka SIBO. So for folks who suffer from SIBO, a limited carbohydrate and higher protein/fat diet can be useful.
Eating enough fibre may play a significant role in gut health. Fibre resists digestion in the small intestine, then makes its way to the large intestine and ferments, creating short chain fatty acids, an important source of fuel for the body.
Fibre also adds bulk and improves regularity, reducing our exposure to potentially dangerous compounds. Finally, the breakdown of fibre regulates pH balance, promoting the optimal environment for beneficial bacteria.
Intact mucosa & healthy immune system
Much of what we consume today was unknown to our bodies just 100 years ago. Some experts speculate that the introduction of these new compounds explains the increase in food intolerance and allergies. Our gut simply can’t handle them!
When the gut wall is irritated or inflamed, the tight junctions between its cells loosen up and we get increased permeability (or leaky gut syndrome). Inflammation, stress, pharmaceuticals, bacterial balance, malnutrition, compounds in food (gluten, casein, lectins, fructose, etc), and food additives (including MSG) can all influence the junctions in our gut and weaken their bonds.
A leaky gut isn’t very selective. It might slam the door on beneficial nutrients while welcoming dangerous bacteria inside. This is called bacterial translocation, or BT. It can stimulate an immune response or inflammation, and it burdens the brain and liver.

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Experts estimate that 80-95+% percent of adults are deficient in magnesium, and this can have dire consequences. Magnesium deficiency may contribute to depression, anxiety, heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, pregnancy complications and more.

I personally use a magnesium spray on my skin each day to help optimize my magnesium levels, but this soothing foot scrub is a great way to get a gentle (and relaxing) magnesium boost.

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#SoulPurpose Tues Fam, please take a moment and vote for member +Kim Morris now thru Aug 27th. Let's help make her a #LiteracyRocks winner... Thx!
Cast your vote for me.....Kim Morris....
CONGRATULATIONS! You are a finalist for the 2016 Literacy Rocks! Author of the Year. This is a phenomenal accomplishment and we are proud of you.

Voting will start Midnight August 21, 2016 and runs through midnight Saturday, August 27, 2016.  Please encourage your family, friends, readers, coworkers, and/or peers to cast their vote(s) for you on a daily basis. The author with the most votes will be awarded the title of Literacy Rocks! Author of the Year. (NOTE: Poll will not be visible until midnight Aug 21).

VOTING TAKES PLACE ON OUR WEBSITE: Once there, Click VOTE FOR AOTY link and cast your vote.

Again, congratulations on your accomplishments and for promoting literacy one community at a time!  If you haven't done so already, please LIKE US on Facebook
Twitter:@bwabclitfest Instagram: literacyrocks

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