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SocialNetGate - Access Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Google + from one point. Get it now on your android mobile. Web version also available

Hello CAbin. I like Cabin!

How do I get the Beta new version?

Any chance of having the Cabin run on Apple phone as well. My family is split - we have 4 members with android phone and one member with iPhone. We want to bring her to the party......

I tell people about cabin EVERY DAY

I work in cell phone sales and when someone with a big family asks me why Android is actually better than iPhone I demonstrate how cabin works like a private gps server. A lot of apps and devices are coming out with Amber Alert and tracking but this app is non - invasive and works even faster with very little data consumption.

Is there a link to the opt-in for beta testing early version on Google Play?

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Hey guys. My dad got confused and made himself a few extra cabin accounts... Any way for the group admin (my mom) to delete his extra accounts from the group?
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Welcome to our Cabin community! Posts your questions/concerns/suggestions here! 

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How do people feel about the marketing site for Cabin?
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