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Greetings Everyone!

I could use a bit of assistance if you happen to also have a Facebook account.

My wife and I have applied for a grant.  It is sort of a contest, as the first "round" for qualification requires getting a whole lot of votes via Facebook.

The link to our "contest" page is here:

>>>> <<<<

This grant would be used for my software business, which currently serves (almost exclusively) Real Estate and Probate attorney's in Vermont.  With this grant, we would be able to hire 3-6 additional programmers and support people, and expand not only to other areas of the law in Vermont, but to other States as well.

So, if you could vote for us, that would be awesome!  :)

If you could share this with others, that would be awesome too!  :)

Thanks everyone!

Patrick (and Marie)

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Who said you could use my name?? 

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goodness I missed this lol

Thank you for the invitation +Axel Schultze.

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Team - we just created another Buzz Group on LinkedIn and Facebook. 
The primary reason is to cover and work with those who prefer to use one over the other. That means we will see most content duplicated across groups. May the best group win :)

The Facebook Group :
The LinkedIn group: 

Hello everyone! Happy Monday.
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